Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Beta 069


Cooler clone stats should now update correctly on being built

Ghostly keys and tickets should now share a cooldown.

Android 19's kills should now properly update Gero's stats (They always added but it didn't immediately display)

Android 19 can now suicide

Fixed item transferring buu -> super super -> kid / cell xforms

Ghostly keys are now always consumed on use

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Beta 068


Add clarification that Dende and Gero are support heroes in the hero selection.

Tien's animation speed should revert to normal following his punching.

Resource trading should correctly be disabled in character selection.

Attempted a fix of the issue causing Babidi's items to not transfer to Buu.

Added shorthand commands to goku's ally lockons (lvegeta, lpiccolo, etc.)

Removed fusion ha as a typed command from Gotenks

Cell's lockon should now function like Goku's

Added auras to Tien, Turles, and Tao when they max out their multipliers

Increased the exp range for your own hero's kills slightly, because a few abilities can kill outside of your exp range.

Tao's target will update if his target has a halo or if it is Gotenks / Goten / trunks and he fuses / unfuses

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beta 067


Tien should be able to hit buildings now
Restored Gero's repair. Hotkey W.
Summon android 19 is now D.
Android 19 cannot be summoned while he is alive.
Android 19 only gains 50% stats
Energy Absorb no longer grants stats.
Tien starts the game with a Senzu Bean
Fixed a tooltip error
Tien should no longer slide to dende's slot when dende is picked
Tien can move while machine gun punching now

Monday, April 1, 2013

Beta 066


Gohan should now be able to re-mystic if he is somehow reverted (just type mystic)
Goku / Vegeta should no longer count as dead while they are fused.
Cooler should no longer be able to transform in the tournament.
Buu's stomach board should no longer overwrite the boards of every other player.
Added a secret quest for a secret reward. It may or may not be a secret character.