Monday, August 27, 2012

Hahaha, wat.

I fell out of my chair laughing.

The file "DBZTE2.2-031.w3x" has been suspended

Dear MediaFire User: 
MediaFire has received notification under the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") that your usage of a file is allegedly infringing on the file creator's copyright protection.
The file named DBZTE2.2-031.w3x is identified by the key (savcie4xaf57zlq).
As a result of this notice, pursuant to Section 512(c)(1)(C) of the DMCA, we have suspended access to the file.
The reason for suspension was:
BDM user "phyo" says: Dear Sir or Madam, Toei Animation has received information that the domain listed above, which appears to be on servers under your control, is offering unlicensed copies of, or is engaged in other unauthorized activities relating to copyrighted works published by Toei animation. 1. Identification of copyrighted works: Copyrighted work(s): see below Copyright owner: TOEI ANIMATION CO., LTD. 2. Copyright infringing material or activity found at the following location(s): See below The above TV animated series and / or animated movies is being made available for copying, through downloading and / or for streaming viewing, at the above location without authorization of the copyright owner. 3. Statement of authority: The information in this notice is accurate, and I hereby certify under penalty of perjury that I am authorized to act on behalf of Toei Animation , the owner of the copyright(s) in the work(s) identified above. I have a good faith belief that none of the materials or activities listed above have been authorized by Toei Animation, its agents, or the law. We hereby give notice of these activities to you and request that you take expeditious action to remove or disable access to the material described above, and thereby prevent the illegal reproduction and distribution of these copyrighted works via your company's network. ??We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Please advise us regarding what actions you take.? Yours sincerely, HervĂ© lemaire Internet Investigator Dragon Ball ( ( ( ( ( ( One Piece ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
Information about the party that filed the report:
Company Name: LeakID
Contact Address: 15 bis rue de chateaudun, 02250 La garenne colombes, France
Contact Name: HervĂ© Lemaire
Contact Phone: 
Contact Email:
Copyright infringement violates MediaFire's Terms of Service. MediaFire accounts that experience multiple incidents of alleged copyright infringement without viable counterclaims may be terminated.
If you feel this suspension was in error, please submit a counterclaim by following the process below.
Step 1. Click on the following link to open the counterclaim webpage. u=042825e0562e397e3fd9e95ee516b70de850bcca8770bb96
Step 2. Use this PIN on the counterclaim webpage to begin the process:
Step 3. Fill in the fields on the counterclaim form with as much detail as possible.

This is a post-only mailing. Replies to this message are not monitored or answered.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Elite 2.2 beta 031


Changed attack and armor types to provide consistent damage output (geti stone and chaos being exception)
ranged units cannot miss attacking uphill
All heroes do hero damage except Babidi. His chaos does 25% more damage.
Canceling a building gives a full refund
Android 19's power relative to Gero is  50-75-100, down from 50-100-150.
Buffed death beam by .25x int per level
Heroes start with 10 armor and now gain an armor every 25 agi, up from 20.
Heroes have a base "sense" ability that pings enemy heroes in the vicinity. Range increases by 2 for every agility point. Base range is 1000. Costs 5% mana and has a 10 second cooldown.