Sunday, March 25, 2012

2.2 Beta 021b


Fixed the issue with dodon ray

Fixed the issue with choosing Cell
Bebi heals again when entering an ally
Tao gains the multis from bio fighters
Grenade should no longer be knocked back by the bio item
Hopefully fixed an issue with repicking
Slightly increased Dodon Rays' AoE
Hopefully fixed Sacred Water

Saturday, March 24, 2012

2.2 beta 020


Sorry for the lack of updates. I haven't had internet access for about a week.

Added some stuff, changed some stuff. You know the drill. I didn't keep a changelog, unfortunately.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Contest: Design a character

Let me start by saying that I've been lacking in the free time department this week. Sorry about that. I'm wanting to make 020 a big update and I'd like to hear some ideas for new characters. Leave a comment on this post with the character you'd like to see, along with transformation / ability / mechanic / role ideas. Bonus points if you include icons, models, or other things of that nature. And feel free to suggest additions to other character suggestions if you feel it necessary. If your design is well thought out, you can expect to see it in the game soon™.


Character: Tao
Alignment: Evil

+.100x for a player hero kill
+.010x for a saga hero kill
+.001x for a creep kill

Abilities (Icons made by taking a picture, resizing to 64x64, going to this site and making buttons and disabled buttons):

Dodon Ray
7 levels
Learned at level 1
Beam-like ability. Anything that comes in contact with the head of the beam will cause it to explode. Deals int*lvl*2.25+100 damage in a 600 AoE. Travels 1300 units per second (heroes can go up to 522) and lasts for two seconds.

1 level
Learned at level 60
Throws a grenade. This is a very damaging ability but it can be knocked away by hitting it. Hurts allies and enemies. Deals more damage based on the amount of health Tao is missing.

Pressure Point Attack
1 level
Learned at level 1
Melee range. Tao attacks with his tongue, killing any unit considerably weaker than himself and damaging / stunning stronger units.

Crane School Teachings
15 levels
Learned at level 1
Basic Crit / Evasion, favoring crit.

Flying Pillar
1 level
Learned ???
Tao uproots a tree / pillar and can throw it / jump on it for transportation. Damages units where it lands.

Assassin. Fairly good at dealing damage to single targets and moving around the map. Most of his power comes from killing heroes.

Friday, March 9, 2012

2.2 Beta 019b

As always, /j Clan SPN and /whois Evil_Vegeta for games. Nothing has been tested.


Changelog 019b:
Fixed the broken creep transition


Goku / Vegeta now get Potara earrings immediately upon starting the dialogue
Patrol heroes give stats again
Gregory / Yamcha health increased
Scaling from ss / uss / reverting should be fixed
Roshi / Popo ping for Krillin
Goku's lockon has a 2 second delay
Guru moved to Namek
Increased Gohan's stat gain from potential
The entire map is revealed after 60 minutes. Not just part of the original map.
Dende's heal is now unlocked by visiting Guru.
Dende gains stats and a +.100 multiplier from Guru
Dende's Sacred Water is now unlocked by ????
Krillin gains a +.100 multiplier from visiting Roshi / Popo
New abilities for Dende.
Nail moved to Namek
Terrain modification
Namek related sagas moved to Namek
Garlic Jr. Saga now starts 2 minutes after Zarbon / Dodoria spawn on Namek.

Namek saga spawns a new tier of Namek creeps
Earth Creeps will not update to tier 3 until Garlic Jr. spawns. Forest monsters and witches buffed slightly.

First: Empowers the Dragon Balls. The next time you gather all of the balls, you or whoever uses the balls will have one additional wish per cast. Cooldown: 10 minutes. Requires level 60.

Second: As the Guardian of Earth, Dende has the ability to travel freely between the living and the dead worlds. Brings a dead ally back to Earth for a short period of time. Cooldown: 5 minutes.Duration: 30s Requires level 125. Note - The unit is still considered dead and will retain their halo. The Z Fighters can still be defeated while the unit is on earth, and if killed they will have a long delay on their respawn, as if they had died in the afterlife.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2.2 Beta 018b

/whois Evil_Vegeta to find a game. /j clan SPN @ US East for players.


Changelog 018b:
Saga pings should work as intended
Ping timer increased to 60s from 30s
Tourney trophy should now give appropriate stats
Oozaru should no longer heal you


Cell's absorb westcity bonus is now a level bonus

Bebi's Finger Blitz Barrage has had its cone widened from 20 degrees to 40 degrees, and the amount of missiles has been increase from 6 to 9. The range has also been increased 15%. This will increase the damage at melee range, spread out the damage at longer ranges, and allow it to be a more viable chaining / pvp ability

Frieza should now be more easily clickable.

Yamcha is now level 6 and has a 2/3 chance to give 1 stat, down from 7 and 100%

Dende's stats should now update properly.

Dende's Missile speed increased.

Saga heroes no longer give bonus stats on death. They still give levels and drop items.

Hirudegarn and Super 17 have been buffed

Fixed a bug with Babidi's Buu transition cinematic

Changed the icon for obs

Hopefully fixed obs related bugs

Special Beam Cannon, Masenko mana cost scaling reduced

Tournament Trophy now gives 15 (!!!) levels, up from 3. Afterlife tournament trophy gives 7.

Hopefully fixed a bug with dummy units and the afterlife tournament.

Sagas will now ping on the map every 30 seconds.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2.2 Beta 017b


Quick edit update. Changelog:

Remade Finger Blitz Barrage
Slight buff / change to droid shield
Janemba is no longer undead
Increased Shine Shine missile's damage
Dende will now gain stats equal to the stat gained from killing a non-hero, non-patrol creep - 1 if he is in exp range of an ally killing said creep.
Dragon fist AoE increased by a small amount

Monday, March 5, 2012

2.2 Beta 016

This will be hosted by Evil_Vegeta. Players can be found in Clan SPN @ US East. Nothing has been tested.


Attempted a fix on the ultra 13 double spawn thing.

Trying a change with cast animation backswings. Abilities should now finish casting as soon as the effect happens. Need feedback on this.

Modified terrain slightly.

Changed Dende's heal a little. Healing changed from int * lvl * 2 + 100 to int * (lvl + 3) + 100. Level 1 heal is about on par with a level 2 heal in 015, and level 7 heal should be about equal to a current level 5 heal. In addition, stats gained have been modified and will no longer scale ridiculously late game and will be better early game.

Fixed Dende's heal tooltip

Tickets used on earth will now appear in heaven.

Dragon balls can no longer spawn in the duel arena. Additionally, new spawn locations have been added.
Added a game timer

Increased the giant crab's stat gain

Created reminders for HBTC at level 35 and Saiyan Pods

Added some tips for beginners. These can be disabled by typing -tips off.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

2.2 Beta 015

This will be hosted by Evil_Vegeta. Come to Clan SPN @ US East to find players.


Saiyan pods reworked a little and now have a short cooldown.
Neutral heroes shouldn't level up (for real this time)
Tourney fighter timed life increased and changed slightly.
Goku / Vegeta now have stats when defused by Buu
Babidi's kill board should now update properly.
Buu now gains Dende's heal ability (And yes, it can give Broly stats.)
Dende has a ranged attack
Dende now has a unit portrait.
Dende's model is now more easily clickable.
Saiyan Pods are now more easily clickable.
What other units are hard to click? Let me know.
Dende has a ranged attack, as well as some abilities. Transformations have not been made, but a temporary multiplier based on dende's level has been created.
Dende is now int based.

Abilities (WIP):
Dende's Healing - Heals for an amount based on int, ability level. If used on a saiyan, it gives them 1 stat for every 400 health missing.
Sacred Water - Removes Majin Influence, forces Bebi out of a body, and instantly kills summoned units in an area.
Namekian fighting style
Namekian regeneration

I'm also thinking about adding some kind of dragon ball related ability. Not sure yet.