Monday, March 5, 2012

2.2 Beta 016

This will be hosted by Evil_Vegeta. Players can be found in Clan SPN @ US East. Nothing has been tested.


Attempted a fix on the ultra 13 double spawn thing.

Trying a change with cast animation backswings. Abilities should now finish casting as soon as the effect happens. Need feedback on this.

Modified terrain slightly.

Changed Dende's heal a little. Healing changed from int * lvl * 2 + 100 to int * (lvl + 3) + 100. Level 1 heal is about on par with a level 2 heal in 015, and level 7 heal should be about equal to a current level 5 heal. In addition, stats gained have been modified and will no longer scale ridiculously late game and will be better early game.

Fixed Dende's heal tooltip

Tickets used on earth will now appear in heaven.

Dragon balls can no longer spawn in the duel arena. Additionally, new spawn locations have been added.
Added a game timer

Increased the giant crab's stat gain

Created reminders for HBTC at level 35 and Saiyan Pods

Added some tips for beginners. These can be disabled by typing -tips off.


  1. Suggestion: add if any of the below listed if possible

    Strongest z player/Name (i suggest stat wise)
    Strongest Evil player/Name (same as above)
    Accuracy % for beams:
    beams hit: saga: Z player:
    beams missed: saga: z player:
    Level before 3 mins:
    Average level before 3 mins:
    senzu's used:
    tickets used:
    Duel wins/losses:
    Saga's completed:
    Player rank(ranked in number)
    Player average rank
    Strongest current player in game:

    also maybe even add a team dueling timers in the game (if the either teams lose they don't die they respawn back in the same current spot they were but just lost the duel)

  2. Androids need thier early game rebuffed, maybe just by giving back their orgional specs (I'm not sure if the late game androids would be any different w/o this change, would be something to test).

    Geti needs his beam reraised. He was already rush proned, it's jus incredible ez now between reduced mana and lower dmg. Plus Geti now needs to play even better early to overcome losing much of his cloning power and obstacle course (resource on path).

    1. Androids do need a mild buff on their shield since you took away a fair bit of their farming power.

      I think geti's beam is okay where it is at, I find my geti can still go toe to toe with most Z's early game. Actually, all around I like the new geti more, I find him a lot more balanced.

      What you do need to do however is buff his final forum and Cooler, since now Geti base is most likely going to die in any game with Z's that know how to play. (It's still hard enough though that it costs a few lives/ beans if you don't have a major lead on him)


  3. Alright, I think I have finally done enough games to have the balance tested:

    Goku: Fairly Well Balanced
    Dragon fist needs a 5% larger area to hit moving targets. (This would be small enough you could still dodge it)

    Vegeta: Balanced

    Gohan: Balanced (Finally has a late game use)

    Kids: Nearly Balanced
    Increase the damage done by his green spell to scale with Bebi's and he should be fine.

    FT: Underpowered
    FT still seems to be lacking any use other then rushing androids. My suggestion is give his uss a higher level and more power.

    Pic: Balanced-ish
    Early game pic steal feels underpowered, however his late game is much better so no complaints here.

    Krillin: Balanced-ish
    Krillin would fail horribly if not for DD. He`s not very fun though since you exist only as a DD despencer most games.

    He is balanced, but not in a fun way. He is still WAY TOO fluffy and dies in 1 shot pretty much every time. His heal makes him too OPed if he doesn`t though.

    My suggestion is to nerf heal and give him stat gain from casting heal as well. This should have his stats scale to the game since he can`t normally farm. Maybe even make heal done over time?

    Androids: Too soft early game
    Buff their shield back to were it used to be, but have its last level taken off. With how long it takes saga's to die now it's not needed as much late game.

    Buu: Perfect
    Nothing to complain about except that energy dispersion is a pointless spell.

    Bebi: Needs a little boost
    Finger blitz needs a wider AoE so Bebi can chain, maybe have it's level effect it's size? Maybe rework it's level requirement too? You could make it lvl 3 but take away damage or add cooldown. Other then that he scales well late game with other evils.

    Broly: Much better now
    I finally like playing Broly, enough said.

    Cell: Scales perfectly to Broly and Bebi.

    Geti Star: MC is perfect, Cooler and Final forum need some work. Consider adding a way for cooler to get multipliers without geti star, (Stuck as 1.2ish cooler sucks).

    1. BTW, that was me Ultra13.

    2. Geti Star is way too vunerable early with his reduced nuke and general nerfed form.

  4. Have a way for plays to hide their power level like in the show. (Can't be sensed or scouted)

    Maybe unscoutable in revert?


  5. if you go broly and obs before he spawns from his begginin cinematics you will have full map vision and control of broly (his transformations also work)

  6. When Obs as androids, like broly, the person retains control over the androids, and full map vision.

    Not only that but all android buildings are made useless, including Scouter one, so no scouters, and Dr. Gero's ghost is useless so stats can't be modified at all.

  7. Whoopsy, I meant Broly, not Androids >_<

  8. Can't use Buu's Vanishing Ball on Janemba.