Thursday, April 19, 2012

Character design contest #2

It's that time again. If you've got an idea for a new character, post it here and there's a good chance you'll see it in the game soon. Previous entries are allowed and encouraged to be entered again. Just make sure that if you make a google doc that it isn't set to private. Post a link to your design in the comment section and feel free to contribute ideas and add to the discussion.


Previous winner (and a pretty good template) -

Characters that are already in the pipe (ideas still welcome)
Ginyu Force
Android 16

About icons:
Icons must be 64x64 images. Standard abilities require only a "button" and a "disabled button". Preferred format is bmp, jpg, or tga. Bonus points if you convert them to .blp yourself and upload them somewhere (use Warcraft 3 Viewer).

Ideally, spells will include mana cost, cooldowns, number of levels, required level, durations (if applicable), icons, and short descriptions. Information about characters can be found HERE if you need ideas.

If there is a suitable model ingame already, great. If a model ingame could be reskinned to work for the character, that's okay too. If not, there are several sites that host wc3 models (,, to name a few.) that may have what you need.

Mostly optional.

Evil / Z.

Roles really don't mean much at this point, but knowing what the designer had in mind for the character makes it a little easier on me.

Unique features 
Unique features have a pretty big influence on whether the character gets made or not. I don't like characters just being clones of other characters, so I like heroes that have something to make them stand out. Dende had healing, dball empowerment, and temporary resurrection. Gero could make creeps into minions, repair anything mechanical, and had a permanent companion. Hercule's gameplay was based around his ego and winning tournaments, and he was a very single target, in your face kind of fighter that also had traps and high evasion. Tao had armor penetration, flying pillarlol, kill targets, a long range skill shot ability, high crit chance, and the only ability that could be deflected and kill the user. Even the pre-2.2 characters had something unique to them.

Other updates

This happened.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2.2 Beta 030


Dende's sacred water should work properly (for real this time)
Trying the dynamic texture thing out on Cooler. Metal Cooler and normal Cooler are now a single model with a dynamic texture and head attachments. Type -head 1, -head 2, -body 1, -body 2 to try it out. You can mix and match heads and bodies. If this works as intended it should save a lot of map space and allow for some cool visual updates to the characters.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Not a map update

I haven't done much in the way of actual work on the map in the last few days. I think I'm going to take a few more days to relax and clear my head. I've still been experimenting with a few things that could become neat additions to the game, though. For example, I've discovered a method of allowing a single model and a single texture file to have multiple textures. If combined with one of those headless models it's entirely possible to add super saiyan hair and other cosmetic things that I've been opposed to without actually increasing the size of the map. Models that use the same base or have similar geometry (such as 19 / fat buu or Frieza / MC / Cooler / Cyborg Frieza / King Cold) could be combined to save space That's the theory, at least. I just need something I can use as a template for multiple characters without having to create a bunch of animations or alter the model's shape. If anyone knows of or can make a model like that, let me know.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

I'm sure it doesn't look like much, but the fact that such a thing can be done in the first place could potentially add something completely unique (as far as I know) to the map. This was done with a single model and a single texture file and takes up much less space than having four seperate models and textures. And swapping the texture ingame is as easy as pushing a button. This same concept, when applied to a generic model and a head attachment system could obviously do a lot to upgrade the aesthetics of the game / characters. You could choose to have Vegeta with super saiyan hair in a pink shirt, for example. Or you could change Gohan's boring purple suit to something cooler, like the Great Saiyaman outfit or some saiyan armor. There could even be a mode / option that allows you to create your own custom character ingame using various head / body / texture combinations. I realize this is all cosmetic and we're still a ways off from actually hitting the map size limit, but I thought I'd shake things up a bit with a bit of a behind the scenes post. If anyone actually cares I'll gladly put up a demo map.

Friday, April 13, 2012

2.2 Beta 029


Kamehameha and similar abilities should no longer do varying damage based on distance (I forget why I even did this)
Fat Buu can now enter the tournament
Revive tickets from King Kai cost 100 gold
Hercule can no longer sense.
Cooler gets a 2.000x multiplier after being converted from MC
Disabled terrain deformations
Disabled terrain type changes

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2.2 Beta 028c


Fixed another hilarious typo

Fixed a hilarious typo that broke bio broly



All Z Fighters can sense
Redid some terrain (removed some doodads, made newer areas more pathable)
Added a single player mode (removes fog and victory / defeat, allows you to level your hero up)
FT now gains 2 move speed per level in uss2 (capping at level 200). While in uss2, FT does not gain bonus move speed from Gohan's Training. In addition, uss2 is now also slowed based on health like any other character. Relevant numbers:

Future Gohan Training: 25% move speed, 17% attack speed (disabled while in uss2)
Max move speed: 522
uss2's old speed: 261 flat. No variation for health.
uss2's lowest potential speed (lvl 70, low health): 61
uss2's base speed (lvl 70, full health): 261
uss2's highest potential speed (lvl 200, full health): 522
uss2's lowest speed at 200+: 322

Removed a useless model that was just taking up space (Hint: Saiyaman)
creepmap (see the frequency of creep kills after the game has ended)
Reduced energy absorption's stat gain (by a lot)
Changed Mankind Destruction to hopefully make it less lagtastic. Should function exactly the same, but with improved performance.
made slight modifications to gravity chamber / bio fighters (should have no noticeable effect ingame)
Reduced Cell's ping timer (125s to 100s)
Removed weather effects
Added a -ms command (for movespeedlol)

Question: What would you change? pt1

If you had to change one system, what would it be? What would you change about it? What works well and what doesn't? Does it need something added to it? Would you redo it all from scratch? Anything not specific to one character, such as dballs (more wishes?), tournaments, sagas (More sagas? Saga abilities?), game modes, items, heaven/hell, tickets, HBTC, stat gain, transformations, crit / evasion abilities, spell mechanics, movement, benefits from stats (move speed, armor, health, spell damage, possibly additions to one stats) etc. are open for discussion.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2.2 Beta 027


Fixed an issue with Dende's healing
Fixed a Cell issue
19's Energy Absorption should now update automagically when 19 is upgraded.
Remade the creep respawn system. Creeps never reset for saga transitions. Instead, creeps killed before the transition will be upgraded when they respawn. If an old tier creep is killed after the transition, it will respawn as the current tier after 5 seconds. tl;dr Chains will no longer reset and transitions should not lag anymore. This new system also makes adding additional creep tiers much simpler and you may see them in the future.

Monday, April 9, 2012

2.2 Beta 026


Fixed Tao's multiplier
Removed Gohan's Anger from creeps
Reduced Energy Absorption's stat gain by 50%
Made a change to repair's tooltip
Fixed androids' bonus damage
Added Android 19. His stats are equal to Gero Stats * (0.5 * lvl). Levels are earned at 35, 50, and 90. He is a permanent hero and can farm, but he is destroyed and can be resummoned upon death. He also has Energy Absorption.
Buu gains Punch when absorbing Hercule.
Players absorbed while in a duel should no longer die.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

2.2 Beta 025c


Being hosted by Evil_Vegeta

Gero can no longer repair himself. He instead has a regeneration item that works similar to other regeneration items.
Updated tooltips
Created Androids now also gain bonus damage.
Evil players can no longer trigger absorption stats.

Gero fixes
Repair: If cast on himself, it costs mana equal to Gero's missing health
Create Android: Fixed a bug with level 2/3
Energy Absorption: Reduced the stat gain on this


Fixed Cooler's Scan for Powers
Added Dr. Gero, based on by Ultra13. Grats to him! Want to see your character added?
He is incomplete as of now but most of his core abilities should be implemented and working as intended. He has a temporary level based multiplier similar to Dende's.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

2.2 Beta 024


Implemented adjustments, hard and soft multiplier caps for Tao and Hercule.

Friday, April 6, 2012

2.2 Beta 023



Changed orderids for power wish

Add two levels to Destruction Sphere.
Buffed Destruction Sphere's damage (2.5 from 2.1)

You gain base stats *(20 / x + 20) stats from a tower kill, where x is the number of upgrades you are at. 10 upgrades = 2/3 stats. 50 upgrades = 2/7 stats. 0 upgrades = 1x stat, etc.
Towers no longer require research. They do still require lumber.
Scan for powers should only ping heroes.
Mass Teleport cast time reduced by 4 seconds

Hercule gains .010x for killing saga heroes and 10 neutral creeps.
Present Bomb cast speed increase


Sunday, April 1, 2012

2.2 Beta 022c



More fixes

Quick fixes

Stats can no longer be modded above 6.5 (from 12). Additionally, you can now modify them in increments of 0.5 and 1 (from 1 and 2).

Tao's period of time for pinging and acquiring a target is now 30 seconds (up from 5)
Tao is now vulnerable while on the pillar.
Tao now gains a .01x from 5 creeps, down from 10.

Hercule's Punch now does 75 bonus damage, up from 50.

Bebi gains a 4th level of his summons.
Saiyan memories now adds stats equal to your level + 1.

Towers now only have a 50% chance of giving a stat.

Piccolo's Multi form cooldown has been reduced to 80s at level 2 (down from 120)
Multi form's mana cost is now 100 at level 1.
Kyodaika is no longer a learned ability.
Hellzone Grenade's radius increased to 562 (from 512)

Added a collision shape to Vegeta.