Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Question: What would you change? pt1

If you had to change one system, what would it be? What would you change about it? What works well and what doesn't? Does it need something added to it? Would you redo it all from scratch? Anything not specific to one character, such as dballs (more wishes?), tournaments, sagas (More sagas? Saga abilities?), game modes, items, heaven/hell, tickets, HBTC, stat gain, transformations, crit / evasion abilities, spell mechanics, movement, benefits from stats (move speed, armor, health, spell damage, possibly additions to one stats) etc. are open for discussion.


  1. put future trunks in "future" zone....and make the skills like DON...

    1. He starts two steps from the zone and I do not intend to ever play or copy anything from that map.

    2. ye ok but if u want to play alone u cant...coz z-fighters die fast...and another thing..more stats in capsule corp gravity chamber for vegeta...they only give 2 stats...
      another bug is fusion ha...u can make it all the time no cooldown...

    3. i mean to make the waaves more kamehameha..a nice blue wave..ecc

    4. Spell visuals being updated is certainly something that I'd like to do at some point. A single player mode could also be added, I guess. And gravity chamber certainly does need looked at.

    5. Update: As of the next map, if you are in single player there will be no victory / defeat / fog of war. What else would you want in a single player game?

    6. Stronger Saga's to emulate their stats in a normal game.
      Also a stat/xp counter that can be toggled on/off (I want to ensnarement with new chains and farming strategies)

    7. Experiment (Auto correct fail)

  2. Would love to see a system sorta like Rots where a random strong mob will spawn that is 1.25x your current max multiplier stats that has some kind of nuke this would only spawn after the slug creeps go away for balance purposes they should be fortified armor and have a 100% crit for 1.5x they would only spawn for the team that is ahead by quite a bit aka 25% or stronger with the whole team overall number of players stats on the team divided by number of players on the team

  3. Ultra13's request list:
    Hardcore mode: all mobs are 2x stronger, saga hunt style hero's

    FFA mode: FFA style deathmatch.

    Norush mode: Saga`s spawn later in the game.

    Allrandom: All players get random characters.

    Princes Snake Saga.
    Future Android Saga.
    Ghost Nappa Saga(JK)
    Saiyamen Saga(At start, before Sayain)

    The more players that enter the torny, the bigger the reward should be

    Gravity Chamber settings: Such as "x2g" to spawn targets quicker but with a lot more hp and slow you more. Maybe hp drain at higher settings.

    Stronger vial mobs

    Remove FT's move speed loss at lvl 200.

  4. give gohan another ability and/or make his hidden potentail a +30 and +0.100x multiplyer
    ss 1.600x
    ss2 2.100x
    mystic 2.350x

    change future trunks uss2 so that it transfers half of his uss agi into str this would make it more balanced maybe to the point where you could even remove the slowdown

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  6. Hello Adam, may I contact you via mail or other?

    I want to ask you about somthing that has nothing to do with this beta testing.

    You can have my mail at my profile. Looking forward,

  7. If possible: add some sort of AI for computer controlled chars (single and/or multiplayer) and make it so if eiher Goku or Vegeta is controlled by a Player and the other one controlled by computer that only the Player needs to write the command or use the item for the fusions.

  8. OK
    firts put AI to make things better and funner in single player
    Add more wishes to dballs
    Add dark star dragonball after killing omega shenron
    Fix the part when saga's are weak if you kill the first one quickl and the rest (full power janemba 2.6k attack LOL)
    Dende should earn a lot more extra stats after potential unlock
    Also Dende should have a NUKE SKILL TO MAKE HIM COOL
    ft should earn SS at 15 and at lvl 30 full power super saiyan (mastered the basics of super saiyan and earns more stats than a normal super saiyan loses a lot less mana)
    ANDRO comp should be at the andro base even when noone is playing them so FT can get his bonus
    At tourny make the stats, attack and armor of the enemies less to make them easier (i barely won agains maraikoh too strong)
    ok this is just the thought but change the power lvl crap and make it show the real power lvl like GOKU=Power lvl of 7569 and we should be able to see the Saga's power lvl so we know how stronng it really is( to tell the power lvl is str+agi+int/3)
    Krillin and piccolo should earn bonus xp and stats when going to king kai because they did train there
    Gohans Bonus stats and Xlvl should INCREASE and that krillin can get his potential unlocked aswell
    Goku should be able to go to a place that makes gravity 100x (at manga and anime it shown that he was training under those conditions) AND THAT HE DOESNT LOSE HP BUT waves of neutral creeps ATTACKS HIM AND PAWNS HIM :)

    1. I forgot to say that goku should have instant transmission either a skill or easier to type it like no longer lockon goten but lockon G, go, got somehting that is easier.
      Plus Goten and Trunks should have separate stats (because even when i did heaven and earth training THEY WERE WEAK i usually have one of them high stats then switches then both have high stats thats what i did at 2.1c because it was different there.
      Trunks should be stronger than goten because he is a year older than him so... more hp more armor more stats....
      PLZ LOWER THE 1min to 30 seconds and first saga should start at 3:00 or 2:50
      There should be a secret character like for future trunks go to time machine and go to the top right for future gohan :)

    2. I just remembered that in Hell IT SHOULD BE BIGGER A LOT BIGGER because in heaven 4 people there can easyly train in hell the limit is 2 or 1 so make HELL BIGGER.
      Add a mode which that there is no winner or loser because i tried playing gotenks and i went afk for a bit ( around 10-15mins) and Z-Fighters allready lost...
      Heaven should be Bigger aswell because people kinda sometimes just steal my xp so make it bigger with more options to train (more circles for each training partner and IT HAS TO BE BIGGER NO MATTER WHAT)
      Mr.Satan should earn bonus aura in the tourny because he is the world champion.
      Add 2 types of saga and that is the main saga which they can move around and bonus saga (the movies in dbz) which cant move around and that should make things easier and there should be a timer untill the next saga will start.
      When a saga hero or one of the henchman or something they should drop a hero power which incraeses your stats and that should be better because even when i did a lot of saga's i didnt get as strong as i thought i will be.
      Move janemba to hell and that people in heaven will be sent to hell to fight him and heaven will be blocked until he is killed.
      There should be more king kai food and that instead of being transported to hell instantly they have to travel there aswell like snake way and that on they way to hell + in snake way there should be monsters that gives you stats aswell.
      Add Andro 17 and 18 from the future in the time machine of future trunks and he has to beat them for anither bonus.
      When a player leaves or someone puts a AI mode like easy normal or hard the computer should automatically use them and that should make things flow better and make thing funner.
      Hmm i think i am forgetting something but will will comment again once i remember it

    3. The saga should be able to use their skills and replace Frieza for king cold and use frieza as one of the evil hero
      to make piccolo go in Kyodokia or something like that he has to type kyo and kyox2 kyox3 to go bigger than himself and then even bigger and so on and the more x the more mana lost and the borderline limit should be 10x so Kyox10
      The kaioken times should go as high as the lvl of your hero so lets say he is lvl 50 kaioken should go up to X50 and that you can combine kaioken and super saiyan to make SS+kao (look at goku's transformations Fals super saiyan looks like super saiyan and kaioken fused together)
      When the evil respawns they should respawn randomly and not in the same place and that they should spawn where the saga if far away and THE SAGA HAS TO SPLIT AND NOT STICK TOGETHER.
      (same one as the one who posted the first three comments)

    4. Add secret characters
      goku=Bardock/chichi=Bardock because he is his father and chichi because she used to be a fighter and she is goku's wife
      Vegeta=Bulma/King Vegeta=Bulma Vegeta's wife and king vegeta because that was his father
      Gohan=Great Saiyaman=Great saiyaman was his Codename for the time being to hide his identity
      Future trunks=future gohan=Future gohan taught future trunks
      Goten and kid trunks= Abo and Kado=Abo and Kado can fuse together aswell and they are like brothers both of them.
      Piccolo=King Piccolo=Piccolo's Dad
      Krillin=Andro 18/Maron=Andro 18 his wife and Maron his ex girlfriend think
      Mr.Satan=Videl/pan=Videl his daughter and Pan his Grand daughter

      Andro 13,14 and 15=Dr. Myu=???
      Bebi=General Rildo=????
      Broly=Paragus=Broly's Dad
      Cell=Andro 16=Andro 16 tried to kill him by blowing up
      Meta Coola=????
      Those should be their Secret characters and why
      Same person that commented on the comments above these

    5. First of all, you have a lot to say i see:P that is nice!

      -I see you are a z fighter fan:P dbz ultra has power levels instead of multipliers, but those are just confusing.
      -Sticking to multipliers is fine imo.
      -Dende has no nuke, his roll is to heal and support, so would be a bad idea to give him a nuke.
      -Tourney is supposed to be hard so people cant win at level 15, + its just maraikoh who is tough in the tourney.
      -The twist in this version is that vegeta left raditz and nappa to join the z fighters. Doesn't really matter if they spawn at the same time or not, they shouldbe together i think.
      -Goku is buffed enough:) shouldnt really give him more places to train
      -i agree lockon on characters could be easier
      -gotenks is one of the strongest characters ingame atm if done right. Once they fuse their stats increase by a shitload. so it looks like kids are weak but they arnt:P
      -saga spawn once the first hits level 10, don't know why it should be changed, it was 3 min before (i think i forgot) but that takes too long
      -Hell could be bigger mightbe something to work on, however take in mind that the bigger the map the more lag will exist. the extra doodads etc will make the map size bigger
      -Heaven is huge:P imo it could be smaller:)
      -xp share is 100% atm so itdoesnt matter if someone leeches
      -please dont movejanemba to hell, it makes people who are behind even more behind cause they cant do shit:P
      -most characters have only 1 bonus, should stick to that. might be an option to remove android base bonus to killing 17.18 in future (once) bonus
      -Dont make goku more OP!:P
      -interesting to make evil ress on different locations, or random even
      -secret characters is fun, however they should be functional:P which means no chichi/king vegeta

      nice input though, these are my thoughts on yours:)


    6. For the record, expanding hell would not really have much effect on the map's performance / size

    7. Well that is good news. a little bigger hell would mind, he has a good point that its crowded with even 2 people

    8. PLZ add andro 17+18 in future because i dont like it when noone is playing andro so i dont get bonus :(

  9. Char Specific Idea/s:
    1.) Piccolo could start as King Piccolo (only basic ki blast attacks and the abbility to summon the 3 Demon Underlings of the Anime) And if he dies he is Leaving behind an invulnerable Egg in wich a "Child Piccolo" is that grows into adult piccolo after a specific amount of kills/level/stats. (would result in two new Form/Power Levels)
    Or just let Piccolo start as a child (Model half the size like Dende) that grows at a specific level (would result in 1 more Form/Power level)
    General Idea:
    2.)Add a neutral Shop where you can buy weighted clothes maybe with different weights and greater bonus that would work like the gravity chamber. Makes you slower but get more stats for each kill. But less than the Gravity Chamber.
    3.) Let everyone use the Gravity Chamber (with specific Vegeta and Goku Bonus) without timelimit. (in DBZ nearly every Character had some kind of Gravity training as far as i remeber) The same goes for the Tame and Space Room in Gods palace (just remeber Gotenks vs Boo)
    4.) A point on the Snakeway and hell that connects the two places and lets the Characters stay in the opposite Death-Realm for a fixed amount of Time (like 30 seconds)
    5.) ATM can't remeber if it already is like this but Players that are dead should have infinite mana (When he was Dead Goku could Stay forever as SSJ3 and Kai stated something like this as well the first time Goku went SSJ3 in front of Boo)

  10. Lower the amount of armor gained from agility by a small amount so that abilities hit hard late game.

  11. possibly get rid of angry explosion for kid buu and let him keep a weaker version of the nuke of whoever he absorbs (such as level 5 kamehameha)

  12. Add parts on when they have to do something to become this:
    Goku could start as Kid Goku (Dende size) and work his way up to a adult.
    Vegeta could start in Planet Vegeta and when its a the saiyan saga he is enemmy then becomes good.
    Gohan Could start as a child (Dende size)then turn to a adult
    goten and kid trunks well really nothing for them
    future trunks could get training from future gohan
    Piccolo start as King piccolo (the same idea from 2 comments above)
    Dende (nothing from him)
    Krillin could start as a student in the orin temple then become student for the turtle hermit.
    Mr. Satan (nothing for him that i can think of)

    Guys just asking but is there a anime or manga similiar to dbz (dont say Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Inuyasha, Yu yu Hakusho and Hajime no Ippo)

    Androids (Havnt thought of one)
    Buu could do with Buu's past
    Bebi could do the battle of the tsufuru-jin VS the saiya-jin
    Broly (havnt thought of one)
    Meta Coola (havnt thought of one)
    DR.Gero could do about the Red Ribbon
    Tao His life as a assassin when he was younger

  13. Id like to see computers work when playing because when I play with friends we usually don't have enough, 2v1, 1v1

  14. can you add a ai mode?
    can you add a mode which spawns a creep in a random place and if you kill it you get a random item (weighted clothing, dragonball radar, trophy and so on
    Add a mode which makes creeps harder to kill but gives 10% stats
    For the tournament can you have random battles like 2v2, 2 matches that goes on at once, allvall (everyone battles each other at one ring, 3 mathes that goes on at once
    Add neutral shop
    when they die there are 2 paths and at one side there is heaven and other side is hell.
    If you are gonna make a AI mode how will they respond when you ask them to give dragonball, do saga, i am gonna do saga, help me on this, doing the sense, transformation?

    1. also what about goku+vegeta fusion.....

  15. Can cell also have a future time machine (he used the time machine aswell) and that they give the same amount as ft and can the future training give more xp

  16. I'd add voices/quotes to extra characters. Moreover i'd change that ridiculous paladin's voice of Goku. It doesn't fit at all !

    I suppose u're expecting some gameplay ideas, but i think that audio is also vital.

  17. When you turn to super saiyan/super saiyan 2/ supersaiyan 3 and so on can they hairstyle and the way their body looks change?

  18. Can the kamehameha have a time cast because it makes it even more similiar to the manga+anime because kamehameha takes long to charge though sometimes they instantly cast it but has less power because they didnt concentrate their ki


  20. Ronid(DK):

    Playable characters i'd love to see:
    Android 16

    The drop from Bio Broly is WAY too OP. 1% hp per second? When we're at like.. 8k stats, it's a whole kame in 5 seconds or something like that. That's insane! And the AoE is insane too. Plus, it makes you unable to senzu if you're running away from the guy.
    The extra chars have a higher multiplier than the standard. Make the extra chars either weaker, or the ordinary chars a little more balanced. Herc is also very OP, and the same goes with Dr. Gero.

    Hope you'll listen - I play your maps DAILY :-D