Friday, April 6, 2012

2.2 Beta 023



Changed orderids for power wish

Add two levels to Destruction Sphere.
Buffed Destruction Sphere's damage (2.5 from 2.1)

You gain base stats *(20 / x + 20) stats from a tower kill, where x is the number of upgrades you are at. 10 upgrades = 2/3 stats. 50 upgrades = 2/7 stats. 0 upgrades = 1x stat, etc.
Towers no longer require research. They do still require lumber.
Scan for powers should only ping heroes.
Mass Teleport cast time reduced by 4 seconds

Hercule gains .010x for killing saga heroes and 10 neutral creeps.
Present Bomb cast speed increase



  1. Suggestions:
    Kid's get a 1.2x or so bonus to stat gain before fused. They are currently lacking vs any good evil.

    For Herc make it and additional 0.005 for 5. That might work a little better in terms of balance end game.

  2. Why not give hercule an actual blast? Like shoot a rocket or something at his opponents as opposed to putting up present bombs? I mean it makes sense.

  3. I do want to give Hercule an additional ability. I just haven't decided what I want to do with it yet.

  4. Fix animations? When bebi goes super his animation takes too long after he actually supers and you can't select Bebi again for several seconds after it's over, while he's vulnerable and easily killed

  5. Can we nerf the range on tao's pillar.....Its kinda stupid how he can just run away from everything.

  6. ^Nerf Tao in general. Who likes heroes who can just farm 20k from afk in hell anyways.

  7. Tao doesn't need a big nerf just set the max multiplier cap on him and herc to 4.5x or something. That still gives them a lot of room to grow without the chance of becoming godly OPed end game.

  8. He doesn...I was ft and i got all the sagas, yet he farmed up to the same stats as me and just pressure poitns and runs away. He needs to have some kind of nerf.

  9. Suggestions, notes and questions by Ultra13:

    Any intention to add the Gerro I made? And is it worthwhile for me to finish making Raditz?

    HBTC needs around 25% less hp

    Capsule Corp needs to be not target by bio fighters

    Gravity chamber should be available at an earlier level and to more players.

    Cracked Dragon Ball can be picked up during saga.

    -Unstuck lets your character use spells well waiting between rounds in torny.

    Give Herc extra stats for doing afterlife torny? (Not sure on this one)

    Give Coolers(Not MC's) Beam an extra level or two

    Make Bio fighter Vial spawns 2x stronger or with more hp.

    Consider expanding enter body to work on humans as well (Krillin/ Herc)

    Well in revert players can't be scouted/ sensed (Like hiding your power level in the show)

    NEW GLITCH FOUND: It is possible to play multiple characters at once. Ask me or LV online for details, I don't want word about this one spreading in till it is fixed.

    Increase the power of buu's stomic based on his level (For an alternative rush build to candy farming)

    Glitch: Evil`s revive ticket and the dragonball radar or senzu beans share a cooldown. I forget which.

    Increase the strength of Bebi`s enter body buff when he transforms. Also make humans infected by it several times stronger. (So they can have a use besides standing there pulling saga`s from across the map)

    1. Couple notes on that. I think you mean Blackwater Minions, not bio fighters. It's probably the Radar that shares a cooldown with the tickets, but either way the Radar shares a cooldown with Dende/Poccolo/Cell/Buu regen. If people in revert couldn't be scouted or sensed, what about the players without a revert? Like how Krillin or Poccolo can't go revert? That would only work for several players, the ones with real transformations.

  10. Also forgot to mention, when Tao pillars, the Bio Item stays on him the entire time he's riding the pillar plus a few seconds after he lands, dealing damage the entire time.

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  12. In order to not let tao get 1.7x stat after hes level 15 you might wanna make it so that characters who are not chosen also do NOT spawn:)