Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beta 043 / 044

*Added a -mycam command (Saves your last known entered -cam and -ang values and restores them)

*Fixed issues with Gotenks and halos / dballs

*Added another possible fix to the game freezing issue

*Fixed issues w/ gotenks and bebi

*Broly USS should now be bigger than normal

*Implemented w3mmd (Win / loss tracking.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Google group

We've got one of these up for anyone interested in having a more involved discussion than blog comments.!forum/dbzte

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Beta 042


*Goten / Trunks now have an ability that allows them to fuse and defuse any time. Available from level 25

*removed host check as it served no purpose

*Cell absorbs redone and are now instant

*Present bombs can now be individually detonated (An ability on the exclamation point)

Note that the game freezing bug appears to have been fixed in my single player testing, but I cannot say for sure. Please continue to let me know when / if it happens and in what circumstances it happens.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Beta 041

*Goten / Kid Trunks have an additional 5 seconds to decide where their start location should be.

*Yakon / Pui Pui / Dabura should now have correct stats when summoned

*Cell's sense will now ping androids.

*Angry explosion should now work as intended on Kid Buu.

*Piccolo should now correctly receive stats when learning his crit ability.

*There is now a 7 second delay between when the game detects that all players on a team are dead and the game ending. During this time, it is possible to revive to prevent the game from ending.

*Minor terrain changes

*Tao's pillar can now land slightly more south than was previously possible.

Cell / Gotenks breaking the game
This is a strange bug, and one that I have not been able to reproduce in single player. If anyone knows under what circumstances this happens, this information will be helpful.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2.2 Beta 039

Gohan is healed to full upon entering mystic

Regeneration, tickets, beans, radars should all be on different cooldowns now.

Buu should no longer cause issues if he gains 90 after angry exploding.

Added some new terrain on the south edge of the map. A new, unique creep too.

Pui Pui has higher base health and damage

Tree of might seeds will grow faster now.

Bio Broly's item now deals 1% of current health

Gohan's anger has changed. It will now add a .05x to all of your multipliers, up to a maximum of .5x.

Tournament countdowns will no longer end early if a player lags.

Broly's USS forms are much larger.

Gohan's Guru cutscene is now faster.

If yellow enters observer mode, the owner of Gero's ghost and saiyan pods will change.

Zarbon no longer calls everybody Vegeta.

Grenade's tooltip now correctly displays the hotkey.

Masenko should now hit its targets properly.

Crit abilities will now permanently add +5 base stats per level.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Beta 038

Piccolo's cinematics are now much faster
There are now more reasons for the tournament to be canceled
Bebi FBB is now canceled on death
Hell fruit regenerates 10% of your mana
Broly's super saiyan has been buffed slightly
Final form Piccolo will regain sense at level 100