Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2.2 Beta 039

Gohan is healed to full upon entering mystic

Regeneration, tickets, beans, radars should all be on different cooldowns now.

Buu should no longer cause issues if he gains 90 after angry exploding.

Added some new terrain on the south edge of the map. A new, unique creep too.

Pui Pui has higher base health and damage

Tree of might seeds will grow faster now.

Bio Broly's item now deals 1% of current health

Gohan's anger has changed. It will now add a .05x to all of your multipliers, up to a maximum of .5x.

Tournament countdowns will no longer end early if a player lags.

Broly's USS forms are much larger.

Gohan's Guru cutscene is now faster.

If yellow enters observer mode, the owner of Gero's ghost and saiyan pods will change.

Zarbon no longer calls everybody Vegeta.

Grenade's tooltip now correctly displays the hotkey.

Masenko should now hit its targets properly.

Crit abilities will now permanently add +5 base stats per level.



  1. Broly uss form isnt any bigger than ss, only lss and luss are, this needs to be fixed.

  2. Lol ? fuck that. Every time cell gets perfection game is crashed and this is a serious problem
    Same thing happens with gotenks when u fuse sometimes

  3. i got few bugs to report
    -Dabura doesnt get full stats the moment he is summoned.Usually his strength is at maximum but other stats are about half of actual str (daburas main statistic is intelect not str)
    -Babidi destroys capsule corp with a single skill (i mean haretsu)

  4. Also serious problems with garlic jr saga, how come garlic and minions move so slow towards u once you near them?