Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beta 035

Made fixes to abilities and their hotkeys / positioning / toolsipts

Fusion heroes now have sense.

Pink no longer gains too much experience

Kid Buu keeps any ability Super Buu learns through absorption

All of Buu's stolen abilities have the hotkey "D"

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  1. why does broly have to be level 45 now to get saiyan deter, why cant it be at lvl 15 as it always was? Also i really dont like the power level scale as it is now(ss=1.5, ss2=2.0) I like how it was before(ss=2, ss2=3)

  2. I also think 400 sec cooldown is way to long for broly saiyan deter, it should be 350 or 370


    join the fb dbz tribute elite community page too

    alot of debates are going on there

  4. Hey i think that broly should have lss3 instead of luss
    it is way cooler and it appeared in raging blast series

    1. that wont make a difference what u call it, luss or lss3, it would still give him same power level, u cant give broly another transformation or it will make him way rigged, I think broly saiyan deter cooldown should lower from 400 sec to 370 or 350, thats all