Monday, September 10, 2012


Beta 031 is currently being hosted by SPN01 on all servers. Beta 032 is likely coming soon. I need a quick list of issues with the current map, if possible.


  1. Sharing gold during champion select.

    Geti Star's armor scales too high, 25% buff to initial with 50%
    nerf to bonus per upgrade suggested.

    Old sensing and new sensing can both be used.

    Tao's target glitches when he dies

    Androids should have their 1.5x stats nerfed to 1.25x and 1.5x should happen at level 35. This will stop them from facerolling noobs for a small chunk of the game.

    Gravity Chamber is still useless. I suggest opening it up to all z fighters after level 75.

    Instead of self repair, give Gero life steal.

    1. Give all z's another hbtc? lol no thx. Tbh it should just be a bonus to vegeta. Like [Killed 50 orbs in Gravity Chamber] +100 stats or more.

  2. Dr gero loses eye beam because there is no room in spells after sense was added.I suggest the android be an item ability (hopefully won't share its cooldown with other items)

    The guys hosting the SPN keep spamming those messages about bannable things such as cell bonus,clone farming and some other bonuses too.

  3. When buu goes super buu his majin buu goes to hell and basically it counts him as dead
    When cell goes perf form his 2nd form goes to hell and basically counts him dead
    both kids go to hell when they fuse into gotenks also counting them dead

  4. Change ending from "/whois evil_vegeta to find a game" to SPN01 now

  5. Most games the saga mobs seem to run around killing everybody, maybe put some delay between sagas to reduce the "Farm whilst running away from sagas or completely die" gameplay? Really really happy to see this is having some work on it.

  6. Buu's stomach is kinda bad, its really hard to absorb someone and have them not win even if you do it as early as possible. Its really only possible to absorb AFK people or leavers that somehow escaped death.

  7. Anrdoid Repair and Dende's healing have . instead of descriptions.

  8. Gotenks hs info says a bunch of colored letters and numbers instead of ss3. (Or fusion, one of the two, I don't remember)

  9. Add help, -hs and -help as aliases of hs.

    add a command to split Gotenks' fusion. This may be the buff he needs to become viable inhouse again.

    Add br as an alias or body release.(AKA I don't want in this noob br's body)

    Nerf bebi's healing upon entering a body to my suggested advrage of his and targets hp/mana.

  10. Diffusing and fusing to go between chaining power and full power seems interesting, but may put a damper on the tickets more so than he already does. I always thought'd it'd be interesting to put them into one unit like a goblin bomb squad model. Same with androids.

  11. Couple things I just thought of. Make it so z fighters can unally each other because the current system sucks. Allies can screw each other over a lot more in heaven then in hell. Also add a random character button. Not sure if it's in there already just thought I would stick it up here if it isn't.

  12. You can get a random character by not picking any character and waiting for the timer to run out.

    Dr Gero's Create Android is pretty useless pretty quickly, maybe it could use more ranks or a buff? Dr Gero doesn't have any energy attacks until level 35, he relies on these things to fight and farm until at least then adn its a cool mechanic afterwards.

    Babidi's polymorph doesn't work on tournament fighter NPCs.

  13. Metal Cooler's "Complete Programming" doesn't seem to do anything. The other level up bonuses you get for killing Z fighters work fine.