Sunday, September 7, 2014



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099o Changelog

  • Reworked Cosmic Illusion. It’s now triggered on spell cast and it shouldn’t be doing insane damage now.
  • Future Gohan should spawn properly now
  • Broly’s transformations no longer drain mana (experimental)
  • Broly reincarnation delay is now 3 seconds (from 7)
  • Bebi’s mana drain in ss forms is now cut in half
  • Cosmic Illusion now restores the damage that triggered it.
  • Janemba’s items should properly transfer on transform now.
  • Ghostly keys removed.
  • Hell creeps now have a 2% chance to drop free tickets.


  1. I have a few complaints about ft. Ft's rush game is waaaay too strong. I'm seeing 900 stats FT's before first tourney even starts up(His destroying androids super computer bonus is ridiculous). It's even worst with a dende, ft can be at 5k str by the 10 minute mark. I've yet to see ANYONE even come close to making a scratch to FT at that point. You may argue that he can suck late game, but with quick movement and a dende, Ft is a fucking nightmare and a half to deal with. His nukes may not do a significant amount of damage but with the ability to close in on enemies with a nuke and have his speed increase every level with uss2..And I'm pretty sure cleave damage ignores armor, so if you're being chased by ft in a group, so long as your near the one he's targeting you're going to get hurt. And the worst part is, that every Z fighter of late has been getting buffs while Villians have been seeing nerfs before getting a buff and then nerfed:/. Hell Rush can't even be compared to a Heaven Rush with Dende.

  2. How to collect great souls with janemba? How to transform into super janemba?
    Still bug on 'ilusion smash'. After leveling skill to 8, it dissapears

    1. Greater souls are from evil heroes dying. And the next update should have fixes for the abilities in place.