Friday, September 12, 2014



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099r Changelog

  • Final battle should now properly trigger defeat for evils
  • Images should now farm properly for bebi
  • Dragon fist tooltip should be corrected now.


  1. Some suggestions, there was a dbz trib map that was worked on that did some changes you to nukes that you might like to consider implementing into your map. Big bang attack for instance was change into a ball shaped nuke that would erupt at a target location, but you could cause it to explode sooner with another nuke similar to Hercule's present bomb. Ft's Burning Attack was melee based that when activated ft would get an aura, a number would build up and at the end it would do damage base on that number. Piccolo got sloppy hand which allowed him to bring a single enemy to his location, this could be useful for a skilled pic to bring enemy heros into his hell zone grenade. The change to burning attack would make FT more melee based then he is now. The Change to big bang would make vegeta a bit more fun to play as and give FT another way to finish off a enemy that's running form is slow uss2 movement speed while still just out of reach for his power rush.

    Also some ideas to spark up Goku a bit, maybe whenever he's the Last z alive he gets an ability that lets him ignore mana drain of his transformations and let's his kameha do more damage. Possibly getting a bonus to his super saiyan transformation if a krillin/friendly hero dies when gokus's a certain level, increasing the multiplier by .100 or so.

    Maybe for Gohan, his SS2 transformation can be triggered when he's in the 65-70's when an ally dies instead of simply being level 75.

    Oh and for Broly, why not give him something similar to Gohan ability to increase his multiplier when a Z dies, but instead it increases when Broly himself dies.

    1. that's this map (I just found it by accident)

  2. Idea for Tien's transformation, unlike everyone else in the game he start off with a 1.25 multiplier, however he's stuck with this multiplier until he's level 40 when he can use Kaioken. Unlike goku's version however, this kaioken will increase his multiplier to 1.75x while not only draining his mana but a percentage of his hp. At later levels he can use a stronger Kaioken with similar effects and stronger multiplier. This is based on the idea of Tien in the MMO basing his entire school of fighting on the idea of humans being able to keep up with saiyans by risking their life to do so. There should be "Mastery form" for lesser forms of kaioken that doesn't drain his hp with his final kaioken level being very powerful but having the highest cost of hp drain.

  3. I'd personally like a playable Bardock :D

  4. could no longer download the map...

  5. DotA2 Reborn custom game remake when?

  6. Hey Ikcil, I was wondering if I can take the map from here? I really don't want it to die and it seems that you don't edit it anymore.

    Please respond below. There is so much I want to fix and add to it.

  7. are there some guides (videos or text) of tao, tien, janemba, android 17 18 and all the new chars?? plz answer me (i'll receive email notification)

  8. Did anyone tell you that your map made an appearance on a teamfourstar video?

    1. Nobody told me. What's the story with that?

    2. Top 10 games Kirrin and Lanipator are thankful for. Both list their top 5 favorites. Kirrin starts with number 5, which is wc3. Then mentions how his favorite part of wc3 is the custom games, using your latest version of the map in the background.

    3. That's a neat little thing, isn't it? I wonder if any of those guys were regular players.

    4. is there a newer version than 099R? how about the dota 2 mod of dbz tribute?

    5. You should consider making a new version with the only changes to it are the words "Teamfourstar approved" everywhere you can put it. For added effect, have the thumbnail have Donald Trump losing his Toupee with #yolo across his face. Just for bragging rights yo.

  9. Link doesnt work and there is no bot hosting the map anymore, right? only 2.1c

  10. I know this map is dead because Wc3 is dead but the principles should be exported to a stand alone game, not necessarily DBZ based (because I think that's what makes the game boring in the end).

    Imo, it's very very very annoying to have to constantly struggle for stats, farming mobs represents 99% of the time. In a sense, it's like in Dragon Ball, right. But it's not fun.

    Improvements you could make if you ported it somewhere :

    - The fact the gameplay of some chars completely change as long as the game duration stretches is quite boring.
    Bebi should be able to take over players until the end, maybe reverting from Oozaru to Bebi form depending on the situation (it might have 5 min cooldown or something)
    Babidi should be able to stay as Babidi WITH Buu but Dabra becomes enemy with Buu (lol). If Buu kills Babidi he gains a bonus. If he doesn't, you can still use Babidi. There is something to do with this.

    - Evil players should be able to become enemies between each others, or should be enemies from start and could eventually ally. I know it's possible but it's still evil vs Z fighters for the win condition. Bebi should be able to take over evil players, Babidi should be able to control them with Majin power, Buu should be able to absorb etc... it would make very funky events, treasons etc.
    Z fighters should almost all stay united too, maybe they would not be able to unally or they may be able, dunno. Anyway they must team a little in order to win because Evils are stronger.

    - Babidi should be able to turn into majins enemies and control them with specific conditions of course. In older vers, he could control Vegeta, that was fun.

    - Buu should be able to absorb infinitely and gain one spell for each guy he absorbs lol

    - I had a new design for Metal Cooler. In fact, you play Geti star not Metal Cooler.
    You are the motherchip and you have one Cooler at start and you also have workers to get resources (gold and wood maybe).
    You can build towers and soldiers (fighting droids which are pretty much shit but can annoy enemies and slow them down).
    Clones cost quite a lot of gold and there are 3 types of clones.
    The basic one, the cheapest is only a metal cooler with same stats and look.
    The second one, costs much more and he has the fighting spell (passive crit and evasion) + increased HP regeneration.
    The third one, costs a LOT and he has all his spells and better HP regeneration.
    Clones can farm stats but not the towers or the workers or the soldiers. But clones can only level up by killing heroes. Killing a saga hero gives +2 or +4 levels to all the clones for example. Killing a player hero gives +5 or +6. Dying on a player hero gives +2 levels and on a saga hero +1 level.
    Of course it means clones must cost a lot.
    You can also upgrade your Geti star buildings and army with gold and you can increase your metal cooler spells the same way, it costs gold. No teleporting, instant healing and stuff like that.
    Ok, that's a rough idea, but I think Cooler could be way funnier than what it is (harder to balance but better).

    Just wanted to let it out, I know it won't happen. But this map is frustrating (like most) because it forces us to play exactly like everybody else. I suppose that makes balancing easier and the gameplay more competitive, sure.

    Anyway, good map.

    1. It's not as dead as you might think. The biggest issue is that there isn't a host bot for it. I'd gladly resume updates if such a bot existed. I think the victory conditions / team system could definitely use a little work. It's something I've thought about for a long time. I just never found a good solution for it that doesn't completely change the feel of the game.

    2. Side note: I've seen so many different strategies for playing so many different heroes that I'm not sure I agree with your last point. But it's something I'll keep in mind.

    3. About the map being dead, well it's not even uploaded on makemehost. I uploaded it yesterday, let's see. The lastest one was 088.

      "Side note: I've seen so many different strategies for playing so many different heroes that I'm not sure I agree with your last point. But it's something I'll keep in mind. "

      Really?? I'd be glad to read or watch what it is about then!
      But if you speak of strategies like Goku going to kill Bebi in the first 5 minutes instead of killing Broly or something of this kind, yes, maybe. But I don't find it really different in my opinion.
      Rushing hell is not different than chaining creeps even if it's a different strategy, the gameplay is still exactly the same.

      I also thought of a mode where you can't go past a specific level or specific amount of stats and then it becomes PVP only/surviving sagas. If there is a level cap, it means the level rush has an end. The quickest levelers will still be able to shutdown others because they are stronger before them but if the weak players are able to survive long enough to reach their level (like Cell did against Piccolo in DBZ :P), then they can compete and the game becomes more PVP focused and will end faster.
      Or maybe a parameter in -tournament mode ?
      That constant farming is harassing, I don't know if people enjoy it really but I do not. When I play this map I want to PVP, not compete in PVE.

      I replayed dbz tribute ultra v10beta 10 and I found it funnier on several aspects (Bosses using spells, Cooler clones have full stats, good for confusing enemies, healing item dropping off mobs), less competitive (especially compared to 2.1c) but funnier. But it was too slow though :P

      I also tried 2.2 099r in solo and couldn't get Super 17, dunno if it's intended. I talked to Hellfighter but then ???.