Friday, January 13, 2017

2.2+ and updates

Hey, guys. It's been a minute. But things are still kicking over here. I've put out a few updates recently and I'd like to continue to do so. I will probably not be posting updates to this blog anymore. But anyone still interested in playing the game / being in the know on updates should join me on the official DBZ Tribute Discord server at

Map updates are being uploaded to straight to (Search DBZ Tribute Elite 2.2 to see recent updates.

Edit: Will dump changelogs below


  • items dropped in tournament are moved outside the tournament
  • items dropped in buu's stomach spawn on buu
  • revenge death ball targets ground
  • janemba multiplier gained reduced 25%
  • Mountain spiders reduced by 50%
  • Hellzone grenade half a second faster
  • kamikaze ghosts movespeed from 270 to 522
  • Dragon Fist +20% damage
  • Gohan Masenko +20% damage
  • Finish buster range increase by ~60%
  • Kyodaika drains no mana above level 150
  • Olibu / Pikkon scaling nerf (~40%)
  • Dragon Fist +20% damage 
  • Gohan Masenko +20% damage
  • Kame: Slightly longer range (~20%)
  • Cell's kame / special beam cannon do a little more damage (~10% more)
  • Future Trunks gains 4 MS in uss2 per level, up from 2


  1. where to download map?

    1. can you tel me how to get to planet namek

    2. in abount the middle of the map after the 1st saga aka radiz and nappa swapn there are the sayian pots and 1 of them gets u there depending on team ur hero must be near ir

  2. Who is updating the map currently?

  3. I love the game but discord is now expired. Warcraft crashes when you get to android pods area. Warcraft crashes randomly. Potara earring can't be dropped which takes a permanent inventory slot. Sagas come out too soon resulting in NPCs killing other NPCs. For me Sagas should come out 1 at a time or categorize Sagas as Main Sagas and Bonus Sagas and each Saga should come out after one is complete. I hope you can put a suicide command so that high level characters can still participate in afterlife tournament. Please add Super Saiyan God Bluee. And also give Goku instant transmission and make transformations combine, for example, Goku can go super saiyan 4 then type kao or kaox10 then ss4 and kaioken stats combine/intensify. Have all the other characters have Zanzoken to make the game more exciting because enemies will now have to think and guess where the other player is going because of Zanzoken. I hope you can improve the game more. Thanks!

    1. also how to solve strange riddle? and can we get to hell if I use a z fighter?