Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Beta 0991


/whois SPN01 for games

Donor perks are now being given away for free to people for the following reasons:

  • Active players (Good amount of games played or playing often)
  • Contributing feedback (bugs, balance, suggestions, opinions, etc.) on the map
  • Helping to grow the player base (play with friends, bring back old players, etc.)
  • Helping out with hosting or adding the map to a host bot
  • Asking really nicely for them
If you meet any of these criteria, feel free to post your b.net username here along with your favorite -cam and -ang settings and why you feel you qualify.

0991 changelog (Current)
Quick update here, guys. Fixing a few minor things on my lunch break.

  • Fixed Piccolo's special beam cannon hotkey
  • Updated donor information
  • Reduced Saiyan Determination's level requirement to 30

099z changelog
  • King Kai's food now stacks
  • Z fighters can now destroy Capsule Corp
  • Kill Driver mana cost increased with level
  • Added cooldown to multi form tooltip (Tien and Piccolo)
  • Cell Juniors shouldn't lose stats now.

  • Started a rework of "Sphere" abilities (Destruction, Vanishing Ball, Supernova)
  • Goten / Trunks should now transfer items properly on fusion. If Gotenks' inventory is full,  the item should appear at Gotenks' feet. This one probably still has a few issues that should be found.
  • Tickets should no longer improperly spawn near Broly / Bebi's start area.
  • Ginyu should now drop his Namek Log on death.
  • Reduced damage on Flash Bomber
  • The game should no longer ping when heroes die in HBTC, Hell, or King Kai's planet

099x changelog
  • Janemba and Goku now spawn with a ticket. 
    • It isn't fair that these two heroes cost your team a ticket just to exist
  • Max free tickets set to 4 (from 6)
  • Gold tickets cost 75 gold now.
  • Updated bio item tooltip to 1% of CURRENT health.
  • Final battle now has a helpful ping saying where the battle will end.
  • Clarified the tooltip on energy absorption
  • Possibly fixed a bug with the visuals on mankind destruction
  • Mankind destruction into Buu's stomach shouldn't work anymore
  • (Hopefully) fixed an issue with Gotenks dying on fusion
  • Added info on twin training to 17/18's help skills
  • Added a stat training reset button to the revive point unit.
  • Updated the help skills for all heroes to include their character quest
  • Changed the lower ramp into Wheelo's area into a terrain ramp.
    • You can no longer get players stuck in the middle section. Denying them the ramp to get down / up is still possible.
  • Hercule's movement bonus from kick is now 20%

099w changelog (Current)

  • Tao should no longer receive two targets on his board
  • Android super computer should no longer spawn if no androids are in the game.
  • Added perks for Supervegeta
  • Reduced Illusion Smash' radius by 25%
  • Illusion Smash tooltip updated
  • Rapid Energy Cannon tooltip updated
  • Started work on an update skillset for Super Janemba (not ready yet)
    • Cosmic Illusion now works as a 10 second wind walk, with the option of blasting your opponent to come out of hiding.
  • Updated tooltips for Super Janemba's abilities

099v changelog

  • Cooler should no longer spawn in hell on Transforming to his final form.
  • +5 stats from crit caps out at 15 levels of crit per player
    • For single hero players, this means you can learn 15 levels of crit before you no longer gain stats. For heroes like Cell or Buu with multiple transformations you won't be getting free stats for form changes
    • Each level of crit gained by split heroes (Goten/Trunks, 17/18) will count as 1/2 of a level.
    • Each level gained by 13/14/15 will count as 1/3 of a level.
  • Geti Star's attack speed, health, and armor increased. Probably needs some testing.
  • Solar Flare tooltip updated.
  • Game start timer changed to 45 seconds (From 60)
  • Added hero bonuses to "help skills"
  • Kid Trunks / Androids 14/15 should no longer remain in game if not selected by a player.
  • The Ginyu saga's log is now dropped by Captain Ginyu. The saga will  still not end until all Ginyu Force members are killed.
  • Gero / 17's energy absorption can now be triggered by evil heroes. It cannot be self-triggered (attack Gero with one of his own units).
  • ??? Cell Juniors should not have increased vision??? Can someone look at this one?
  • Bebi's summons now have a 120 second life (Down from 200)
  • Fog of war is disabled for final battle.
    • This should allow you to actually see the final battle's boundaries
  • Cooler's items should now transfer between forms properly

099u changelog
  • Added a stat bonus to Dende for gathering the dragon balls
  • Krillin gets a bonus for killing Future 18
  • Gero gets a bonus for making 30 androids
  • Tao gets a bonus for killing Goku
  • Fixed an issue with androids 17/18 and future gohan
  • Janemba gets a bonus for killing a fused hero
  • Hercule's Punch has a changed cooldown. 2.5 seconds at level 1 up to 4.5 seconds at level 9. (From 3)
  • Kick received  the same treatment (4 to 7, from 5.)
  • Hercule now has a small (1-15% chance) to crit
  • Tao has 3 levels of flying pillar, learned at 15, 30, 45. Cooldown at each level is reduced 15 seconds (120 -> 90) and mana cost increased. Damage slightly increased with level. (str * (lvl + 4)) from str * 4
  • Cell Jr ability now has the cooldown listed.
  • Cell's "Ultra Perfect" changed to "Super Perfect"
  • Bebi should now gain Hercule's tournament round win multiplier if in his body.
  • Androids 17/18 should now talk smack on Future Gohan if they are killed by him.

099t changelog

  • Cell junior stats changed from 1/5 to 1/3 cell's stats
  • Bebi and Hercule should now both share a multiplier from tournament trophies.
  • Exp sharing changes:
    • Before: 100% shared exp for all groups of allied heroes
    • Now:
      • Groups of two get 100% shared exp.
      • Groups of three get 4/5 shared exp.
      • Groups of four get 2/3 shared exp.
      • Groups greater than four get 1/2 shared exp.
      • Dende gets 100% shared exp from an ally's kills
  • Added race-specific flavor text to the frieza saga
  • Fixed an issue with revive points


  1. Hey, any updates about moving over to dota 2?

    1. I personally don't have the free time to invest in starting over. I think there are a few people trying to recreate the map, but there's not really any real information that I'm aware of.

    2. I personally don't have the free time to invest in starting over. I think there are a few people trying to recreate the map, but there's not really any real information that I'm aware of.

    3. Thanks for the reply, btw what are the bots and realms it's currently being hosted on if there's any information about that sir? and Isn't it GotenkZ or someone like that, Trying to remember your name

    4. No bots currently hosting the map. I would check SPN01 from time to time. It should be hosting the map soon. Gotenkz Elite was branched off from ultra some time ago. I'm ikcilapmada@USWest

    5. Gotenkz made the "ultra" series*

  2. 2.2 being hosted on SPN01! Also, EXP sharing is in a great spot currently. Good job.

  3. Could Goku and Vegeta get an option similar to the future androids? One where they have to choose between super god super saiyan (a 2.7 power up) versus ss4 and fusions.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. "It appears that when bebi kills a creep in a body (at least ft), that the stats u gain the multiplier stats to ur base stats. AKA if u are bebi in ft, and get a saga reward worth 100 base stats, you will actually gain 175 base stats."

    An old changelog entry. It has been fixed apparently.
    But doesn't it completely ruin the point of taking over a Z fighter's body ?? I thought one of the best thing to do was to take over Goku and use his SS3 to gain more stats than what a lvl 90 Super Bebi can. Or take over Tien or Krilin.

    PS : the last vers is uploaded on makemehost ? with a name like dbzte099x.w3x ?

    1. I'm not aware of any map aside from "SPN01" that has the current map.

      The advantages to Bebi taking a body are many. Stat gain isn't one of them. If he gained extra stats in a body then it was a bug with the old system. If it still happens it should be fixed.

    2. No it isn't "bugged" anymore but when it was (long ago) I thought it was awesome. Well there are many advantages but all lead to that fuckin golden ape. I am trying too hard to deviate from the intended play style.

  6. Alright here's a few bugs. One, in an older version not sure if you fixed it yet, when I changed from cooler into his final form when i was on namek, I was transported to hell and the dragon balls on me disappeared. In the newest version, when I was bebi and transformed to super bebi the dragonballs were still on regular bebi. I'd also like to talk about 17 nuke, the multiple blasts one? It ranges from one hit ko's to no damage at all. I've seen heros take direct hits from this nuke and not take any damage, or I barely hit them at all and one hit kill them.

  7. can any1 help me please .. m not able to figure out how to travel to namek