Friday, March 1, 2013

Beta 045

*Mankind Destruction's range has been decreased

*Neutral Fat Buu should no longer be counted as a dead evil hero

*Vegeta's gravity chamber should turn on regardless of level

*Non heroes can no longer enter capsule

*Dragon balls should not randomly despawn when picked up

*Mirror image abilities should no longer give broken stats

*Exp share range: 2500 for creeps, 3000 for heroes, from 1500

*Droids / Kids will receive reduced stats for unit kills. Levels and crit stats remain unchanged. Droids receive 50% and kids receive 75%.

*Loading screen text updated

As always, nothing has been tested and I'm counting on everyone reading this to post a comment if an issue is found. It will be hosted by spn01 on all servers.


  1. well i got something to report. last time i played i couldnt use sayian pod because yellow player unallied me. i think this is pretty lame

  2. I noticed that when i unfuse with gotenks kids are getting weaker
    im not sure it is a bug or not

  3. Make a timer for ss4 gogeta fusion time.

  4. broly saiyan determination should be at lvl 20 or 30, not 45

  5. where the fuck download

  6. When fat buu has dragonballs and then goes super buu, dragonballs disappear (radar points them to the skin on the island.