Sunday, March 10, 2013

Beta 049


*Creep health has been reduced by 50% for creep tiers past Lord Slug

*The creeps mentioned above now have 1 base damage.


  1. Heres a suggestion: You should put Freeza as an evil character and remove his saga. You already have all models and skins of him on the map, so you should just put him as a character. It would be awesome and fun to play as freeza, MUCH more cooler than playing as "TAO" or "DR.GERO"

    1. are u kidding? Tao and Gero are very interesting characters cause they have an own style game (for example tao is a "bounty hunter"). what interesting thing would freeza show?

    2. An evil Shemale that wants to see goku... boring!:P

    3. Freeza would be much more interesting than them. Will you say to me that its more interesting on playing as Tao than playing as freeza? YOU must be kiddin. then, what's unique about buu, cell, brly and so on? each villain has it own style of play, and freeza would have its own too. What would be the bad thing about adding freeza? nothing! his models are already on the game, which i guess it's the heavy part for map size issues, but as it's already on, the character be created and added without problems.