Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Beta 089


Apologies for the long absence. It's been a pretty rough time. There will be plenty of updates to come.

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2.2 089 Changelog (Updated from 088)

  • Broly spawns sooner
  • Broly's PLR range from 512 to 750
  • Present bomb range 400 to 500
  • Present bomb cost reduction
  • Present bomb cooldown reduction
  • Punch range increased
  • Kick range increased
  • Pressure point range increased
  • Super 17 skill costs increased
  • Removed twin training skill (Bonus still exists but there is no aura)
  • Made a slight change to Future Gohan's behavior
  • 17's fuse parts will no longer be available after level 120
  • Tien's Tri beam now does the intended amount of damage
  • Kyodaika drains less mana after level 90
  • Piccolo's cinematics are faster
  • Babidi's minions and fat buu deal chaos damage
  • Tao's grenade hopefully fixed
  • Turles' timer now increases by 5 seconds per fruit (from 10)
  • Turles' fruit timer is no longer reset when a tree is replanted
  • Replanting the tree of might no longer gives you a free fruit after the first one
  • Fruits fully heal Turles
  • Edited loading screen
  • The game should no longer end if a neutral hero finds their way to the afterlife.

As always, these changes are untested and everyone is encouraged to test and report any issues with the changes.


  1. Well, it seems there are more changes than the changelog shows. Tao's Regen has been lowered. The range of pressure point feels actually lower.. The game bugs often, saying that all evils are dead, even if there are some alive.
    I have a question though is there a reason why hercules punch and kick have no mana cost ?.