Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Beta 099b


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099b Changelog

  • Updated donor list
  • Range on Cell’s android sense is now 3,000 + 3x Cell’s agility.
  • Tien’s images have a 50 second duration, down from 75
  • Hercule’s punch and kick now buff his attack and movement speed temporarily. Can only have one active at a time, so choose carefully.

099 Changelog

  • Fixed the camera angle breaking
  • Attempted a fix at game crashing issues
  • Attempted a fix at various stat bugs

098 Changelog

  • Cooler clones should now receive their proper stats
  • Saga heroes should ping on an interval again
  • Increased range on charge
  • Super 13 should now get his correct stats on fusing
  • Reduced bio item damage by 50%
  • Bugs for mankind / scatter shot should be fixed
  • Super Buu / Ghost kamikaze should now correctly deal damage (untested. maybe broken)
  • Cinematics should now trigger a camera fix
  • Tien should now get full exp from his images
  • Dying in the afterlife tournament should no longer decrease your sight radius
  • Removed the revert requirement for Vegito
  • Cooler’s transform should no longer put the cooler icon in the wrong spot on the leaderboard
  • Cell should now have correct stats upon going ultra perfect
  • Temporarily disabled cell sensing the androids
  • Goten and kid trunks should not lose stats when unfusing
  • Lag screens should no longer mess with the win/loss timer
  • Cell’s regeneration should no longer drop on the ground if Cell is not in the game.
  • Future Gohan no longer uses beans. Additionally the beans are automatically given to the androids when Gohan dies.
  • Bebi’s body should no longer have incorrect health and mana values when transforming
  • Bebi should no longer break mystic Gohan

097 Changelog

  • Updated donor list
  • Tien’s images no longer display a death message
  • Tien’s images no longer create a halo
  • Androids no longer get bonuses from killing Tien’s images
  • Babidi no longer gets 5 kills from a Tien image
  • Bebi’s sacred water also damages
  • SS deadly bomb now has no collision
  • Final battle lava now damages less frequently but for larger damage.
  • Bebi has a 15 second timer after leaving a body before he can use enter body again.
  • Heroes selected by default should no longer appear in the tavern at the start.


  1. Tested android 13 out:
    -SS deadly bomb speed is good, but its aoe explosion effects is too small
    -Hotkey to discharge charge shows as "C" but its all "E"
    -Android 15 attack animation does not show
    -Should make ultra 13 transformation requirement higher by 10-20 levels, its too soon.
    Other than that, good update, keep it up adampalicki

  2. Noticed that vegeta super saiyan model, the left face and right face dont match, it looks like his regular form mixed in his super saiyan form.
    Vegeta final flash buff is nice, but i feel is gallet gun and big bang attack are lacking in range, the damage is actually shorter than the animation of the beam blast

  3. Just a suggestion, but maybe make it so when Tien's multiform technique is in effect, his tri beam cannon does a percentage more damage.

    1. I was thinking about Tien's clones using machine gun punch if he needs any more buffs. Beyond that I don't see much else that he needs other than more compelling transformations.

  4. It sort of feels like Z's have a HUGE advantage early game when it comes to team chaining. This advantage is worst when a Krillin is with them. I'm seeing Z's getting 30ish before tourney and all of them rushing HBTC in ozzaru forms gaining a massive lead in lvls and stats. Like, I kinda like it as it give's z's a reason to work together and they work best when they do. But villain's can't level up as fast as Z's when team chaining as they're either too far apart, don't have a good enough nuke to chain with, or just don't have a nuke at all. They have zero reasons to continue to work together other then to fight Z's working together. They don't get any really benefit from it like Z's do. You don't see Gero using his repair much on anyone other then android 19 and he does not reward the androids he repairs by giving them a slight stat boost like Dende does. Geti can't bring his allies to safety like Goku can it with IT. Villain's don't get bonus stats and exp for going in the same area together. You don't see any villain having a special area all to themselves that they can have an ally stand by to gain exp so they fuse later. I mean...this is still just my point of view, but come on. Let's not even bring up how easy,quick, and plentiful Z's bonuses are versus villains bonuses.

    1. Evils buu cell, broly, bebi, and cooler all have some sort of revive/regen ability, while only picc of z's has, i think its pretty fair.

  5. For some reason, if 17 or 18 die before killing gohan..One of them sometimes goes to hell while the other stays in future. It can fuck up their multiplier since they get the 1.250 for leaving future but revert back to 1.100 when killing gohan, and yes the droid in the future still has to kill gohan or be stuck in there.

  6. Android 15 attack animations dont show for some reason

    1. He's based on the villager child model. It never had an animation. I guess I could make one.

  7. Whenever Bebi enters 17 they basically..kinda have a fusion going on. While Bebi's inside of him his stats is increased by Bebi's stats. When Bebi leaves his stats go back to normal. I haven't tested this on 18. This doesn't happen to Super 17.

  8. is there a link to all the current donation perks for this map? and when you donate when does the bot/map register that you have donated?


      Apologies. It used to be included in release posts. The perks are available the next time the map is updated. The tl:;dr version is you'll get everything if you pay 5 dollars. And anything added in the future you'll also get. Just ensure you leave your exact wc3 username and the -cam and -ang settings you want to use in the message box if you do donate.