Sunday, July 27, 2014

Beta 094


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094 Changelog

  • Bebi should grant vision to his victim now.
  • Bebi can no longer enter body in the tournament
  • Bebi and releasing should now work properly
  • sacred water should expel bebi
  • Bebi mana drain should now revert heroes


  1. Bebi was inside vegeta, lost a fight in tourney, and stayed dead until he typed body release and was stuck in the tournament.

  2. is this still been edited by same people as the early version (30-80) because I was just wondering, I made a $20 donation but never got given the bonus. (names is Turles-Might

    1. I do remember a random donation while I was on hiatus. I had forgotten to go back and add that account when I started up editing again. If that's you I'll hook you up.