Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beta 092 released

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2.2 092 Changelog (Updated from 091)

  • 092 Changelog
    • Future pathing improved
    • Sagas entering the final battle will be killed
    • Another guess at fixing negative stats for future androids
    • Garlic saga now awards credit upon picking up the item
    • Your camera will no longer pan to the gravity chamber / future if one of your spells enters them.
    • Yamcha, bubbles, and gregory add more stats on death (less than it was before)
    • Krillin’s Destructo disc doesn’t harm Dr. Gero / 19 / super 17 if his energy absorb is turned on.
    • You can no longer enter the gravity chamber if capsule corp. is destroyed
    • Remade Bebi’s enter body ability. It should be functional aside from mana drain and visual effects. It’s currently untested and any problems with it should be reported.


    • Bebi uses his new enter body ability on enemy heroes below 30% or 1000 health.
    • Bebi's real body and his victim are made invulnerable and hidden from view. No player actually loses their hero.
    • The player controlling Bebi spawns a unit that is functionally almost identical to his victim.
    • The new hero is darker in color than a normal Z fighter and cannot do certain character specific things.
    • For example, it cannot fuse or unfuse gotenks. It only gets FT's basic sword. Cannot go ss4.
    • He can take over any Z fighter that is only controlled by one player (May change later)
    • His transformations and skills should be functionally (not yet visually) identical
    • His moonlight ability transforms him into his bebi oozaru form. This is only cosmetic.
    • He can also transform to Golden Oozaru at level 145
    • Certain abilities when used by Bebi are "corrupted" and different from the original.
    • Example: Dende's sacred water kills Piccolo's mirror images. Dende's otherworld transport revives his allies without sending them back to hell. Hercule’s present bomb is replaced by tuffle (tfusuru-jin) bomb. He can summon units as if he was normal Bebi and use this ability to detonate them remotely.
    • When a Bebi controlled hero dies, Bebi goes straight to hell and his host is killed.
    • Bebi's victim gains stats for creep kills but does not gain levels.
    • Bebi gains all levels and stats of his stolen body.
    • Bebi's stolen body has the same level and stats as the real Bebi.
    • Bebi can skill up his stolen body any way that he wants to. It will not have any effect on his victim.
    • Bebi's stolen bodies do not gain stats for skilling into crit abilities.
    • The stolen body does not receive Bebi's item.
    • The body can enter the tournament and it should not force Bebi out if it’s defeated.
    • The body, when released, will spawn at the location of the bebi version of their hero at the percentage of life and mana the bebi version was at. Bebi will also spawn there.
    • Dende’s sacred water will automatically trigger body release.
    • Bebi and his victim will share vision for the duration of the body stealing.

As always, these changes are untested and everyone is encouraged to test and report any issues with the changes.


  1. This is a HUGE improvement and very innovative compared to the way he used to steal bodies. Great job!

    1. It's a start. I still need to fill in visuals and mama drains and such. And I can think of a few bugs that will probably happen. But it shouldn't be too difficult to do all that. Moving the map to a more stable state means I'll have a lot more time to dedicate to new content. And we're pretty close to being stable.

  2. cell's regen is dissapearing from him and apparently picclos clone ability doesn't work when he fuses with kami