Sunday, August 31, 2014



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099k Changelog
  • Quick movement following now teleports you where the enemy initially teleported to instead of their current position. Also gives the chaser the fleet-footed buff to compensate for the potential gap

  • Started work on updating the map to be much easier to modify and add content for.
  • Saga heroes now only base their stats on main heroes
  • Started work on implementing a new hero
  • Starting Hell creeps are now weaker
  • Fixed a bug with Bebi
  • Broly now spawns sooner.
  • Goku now has 7 levels of dragon fist
  • Increased cast range on dragon fist
  • Goz and Mez are no longer level 10 at the start of the game.
  • Fixed a bug with Cell’s stat gain when absorbing androids


  1. why does dragon fist still say level 5 even when you level it to 7? Also I find the animation of dragon first to be strange, does the after flame of the dragon do damage or is it the initial cast that does damage??

  2. Just came by after a long hiatus and was surprised/happy to see you still working on this----are there any bots/clans where this is still played regularly?--Evrybdyluvsjosh

  3. Is it possible for bebi dende to get the same stat gain benefit regular dende get's when an ally kills a creep near him?