Sunday, August 24, 2014

Beta 099i


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099i Changelog (Controversy edition)

  • Angry Explosion no longer hurts allies or neutral units
  • Nuclear bomb no longer hurts allies or neutral units
  • Nuclear bomb now deals the same damage over 2 seconds (from 3)
  • Pressure Point mana cost does not increase with levels
  • Grenade level requirement reduced to 25
  • Grenade no longer hurts allies. Still hurts Tao.
  • Exploding 19 now does int*16 damage.
  • Angry Explosion is usable in the final battle again and it does not hide buu if he’s up there.
  • Fixed a bug with heroes not properly gaining their levels when leveled up by allies.
  • *Bebi should no longer receive broken stats when taking an allied body

099g Changelog (Controversy edition)

  • Changed the model for focus
  • Rewrote a few things
  • Focuses no longer have collision
  • Focuses can no longer enter the gravity chamber.
  • Future androids cannot use quick movement until Future Gohan dies.
  • Focuses are moved to the final battle with your heroes.
  • First focus use has a 90 second recharge timer. Second and third still add 60 seconds.
  • Added a visual effect that shows the direction people are quick moving in
  • Made progress on a level up remake. Reason: It should fix a lot of leveling related bugs. It will streamline things such as character creation and the systems used under the hood will also allow for more interesting things to be added to the game later. Functionally it shouldn't feel much different in the game. May have bugs. Please report if so.
  • Super 17 fusion no longer reduces your total stats. May be overpowered.
  • Gero’s eye beam required level set to 1
  • Gero’s androids now have the same amount of upgrades as creeps.
  • Android 19 no longer dies when Gero dies.
  • Create 19 removed.
  • 19 automatically summons at the supercomputer’s location when Gero reaches level 35.
  • 19 automatically revives at the supercomputer 30 seconds after dying.


  1. Random idea for bebi, not meant to be taking seriously, but how about when bebi's at level 145 is in a body he can go to bulma and try to go golden ozzaru, but instead of him turning into golden ozzaru he instead has a different and stronger version of his super bebi form that retains some of his previous body abilities depending on the species of the hero he took over.The idea is, when he does so, it kills the hero giving control of the hero back to it's owner but changing bebi instead. This way bebi has a reason to leave a body instead of being in it all game.

    Like, all saiyans he'll have the regular golden oozzaru bebi form, but instead gain either Kameha and kameha mastery(goten,gohan, goku,Gotenks), Galic gun and it's mastery(Vegeta,) .Finish Buster and FT's power attack thing that I'm forgetting the name of..(Ft, Trunks). Nameks would have a maxed multiplier of 2.125 this body wouldn't have his self heal ability.It would have Pic's clones and special beam cannon if he has pics body, or Dende's healing and otherworld transport if it's dende. Humans would max out at 2.400(Tien and krillin) He'll have his energy blitzl, solar flare, Tri beam/Destructo Disc and either dodon ray or scatter shot. While being in hercules body he'd have the same abilities as bebi hercule with a maxed multiplier of 2.125(Which would weaken him) However, his minions would be stronger and gain upgrades = to his level allowing tuffle bomb to be more effective and being really good at farming stats.

    This way it still rewards bebi for being good while also making sure he doesn't stay in a body of a player all game.

    1. It's a good thought. Back when I first started on 2.2 (ho man. that was a long time ago) I toyed with the idea of Bebi's super and final forms being dependent on the bodies he takes. It's still something I want to try, but it may be a long way out. There are a lot of big updates coming and that one isn't as high a priority as the others.

  2. You should really consider making the 17 and 18 cell needs to absorb either hero units based around cell's stats,or benefit from the creep upgrades. like, 40-60% of the reason cell rushes his perfect form is because of how difficult it is for him to absorb them when he get's too strong.

  3. I was actually going to do just that today.

  4. Every bug related to bebi from previous versions and now. This is just the ones im not sure have been fixed as I haven't seen anything in change logs that suggest they have been. Sorry if you've fixed them already.
    1. Once was inside Ft as bebi, killed something reverted, ft's revert had bebi's 1.5x stats suddenly.
    2.Bebi tien's machine gun punch at later levels does not do any damage
    3.Bebi Dende's otherworld revive does not work
    4.Bebi Hercules tuffle bomb has no CD.
    5.Bebi gains stats from all allies except 18 as if he was inside a Z fighter. The bug is 18.
    6.Bebi leaves an allies body if a body he was in previously dies.
    7.If inside a ally that dies in tournament, bebi comes out of it and is stuck in tournament until killed.
    Other Bugs:
    1.Using focus too close to tournament entrance can cuase people to get stuck between tourny and it's gate.
    2.Reviving doesn't always work, it's fixed with toggling between spawn point, but unless you tell Everyone in big white letters to do that, they will never realize that's how you fix it.
    3.Hercules present bomb can cause saga heros to die when he triggers it. It doesn't count as a kill towards him or anyone. They just randomly die, it's caused garlics portal to be destroyed.

    That is most of the bugs I've ran into so far. Can't remember the rest.