Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beta 099j


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099j Changelog (Controversy edition)

  • Replaced Cell’s wind walk with a sense androids ability
    • In the future there will be a rework of the androids
  • Disabled lockon
  • Quick movement has a base 6 second cooldown
  • Quick movement now has a short cast time
  • fixed a bug with super 17’s multiplier
  • Revive ticket bug should be fixed
  • Duels should work a little better now
  • Implemented a new system to visualize poorly defined regions (Currenly used to show where to stand to follow a quick movement)
  • Added feathers to the tournament entrance
  • You can now follow an enemy that quick moves away by standing where they teleported from (Similar to following lockon.) Allies cannot follow as they can simply quick move to the hero.

1 comment:

  1. There is no pay off for remaining as 17/18. Their nukes aren't all that great and even though 18 has a silence and a stun, this would involve her breaking away from 17 if they're running and she will get hit by any nuke before she get's close enough to even use them. This would suggest they should be alot more up close to their opponent especially with the nuke they need to be together to use. It does not end well, it just doesn't. People over react at how strong 17/18 can be separately, but never seem to realize that it's 2 photons and a nuke that has a big flashing sign saying they're going to use it when they're together, and running towards you. They can be alright early game..but there's just no way to follow through without fusing into super 17.Also, the whole taking up an extra ticket thing. I'd like to suggest you add a 30 second timer for while 17/18 are dead in hell if one of them is alive that brings them back to life next to their brother/sister when the timer is up.Sorry about the long post, but really frustrating to play as 17 and 18 late game and kinda tired of people saying they're op.