Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Beta 099f


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099f Changelog (Controversy edition)

  • Bonus vision is shared with allies
  • New mechanic: Focus
    • Every player has a helper unit (Called a focus)
      • Your focus is considered a worker and can be selected with ` (idle worker hotkey)
      • Your focus unit can be used to modify your stat training
      • Your focus can move around anywhere on Earth.
      • You can teleport to the location of your focus
      • You can revive at the location of your focus
      • You can also revive and teleport to an allied hero’s location (focus ability)
      • You have 3 charges of a “quick movement” (teleport) ability. If you use it once, you will have 2 charges and your charges will be restored after 60 seconds. If you use 2, your charges will be restored 120 seconds after the first use. If you use 3, you are locked out of quick movement until your charges are restored (180 seconds)
  • Bebi no longer creates vision when in a body
  • Hercule can no longer enter the tournament when Bebi is in his body.
  • Cell Jrs should no longer spawn at the final battle if they’re dead.
  • Buu cannot use angry explosion in the final battle
  • Evil players should no longer be improperly defeated.

099e Changelog

  • Remade Laser shot to hopefully improve performance
  • Removed trees from the top level of the final battle
  • Reworked Turles’ spells
  • Updated donor list
  • Continued the rework of 17/18’s beam ability
  • Future Gohan should now be fully functional again
  • Re-added the twin training regeneration bonus
  • Began a rework of the leveling up system
  • Replaced sense with an experimental feature. For every agility point you get, your hero’s sight radius is increased by 1. This sight is not shared with allies.

099d Changelog

  • Sacred water cooldown reduced to 15 seconds.
  • Dende’s healing has a base cooldown of 11 seconds and increases by 1 with each level.
  • Dende’s crit damage per level changed to +10%, from +15%.
  • Dende’s min-max dodge chance to 12-40, from 10-24.

099c Changelog

  • Updated donor list
  • Reworked Future 17/18’s abilities. May improve performance ingame.
  • Fixed Hercule’s buffs not actually being buffed
  • Hercule kick required level to 3 (from 10)
  • Hercule kick level skip requirement to 6 (from 5)
    • Levels needed to get the next level of the ability
  • Future Gohan spawns immediately


  1. Will 2.2 official come out soon? Also heard you will be continuing dbz tribute on dota 2, really looking forward to that and if i could give donations or $ to support that project let me know

    1. It's hard to say when there'll be an official 2.2. It'll just happen when I decide it's ready. For right now I'm focusing on getting the game to a stable, relatively balanced and bug free state so I can really start churning out some new content.

      As far as Dota 2 Tribute goes, from an ethical standpoint I shouldn't take donations on the promise of a future game. More donations means I can put more time towards development in general, though. At this point in time I'm focused on getting the wc3 map to a point that I'm happy with and I'm learning the Dota 2 editor on the side. If you do want to donate I won't stop you, though. I just don't want to give you the wrong idea.

    2. You are a humble man, adampalicki, thats good, is there a link or site you can give me to donate or support the dota 2 dbz tribute project?

    3. For now any support and news on that project is gonna be on this site. Alternatively you can add me on Skype for a more direct line of communication. I'll probably set up a separate one later on when there's more news to report. As for donations, they're both tied together right now. I will be working on both games and any donation will be good for both of them. I just don't have enough knowledge of the dota 2 editor to make any promises as far as features or timelines for when it'll be playable.

  2. About the map, i just got back to wc3 to play dbz tribute and saw someone was updating a new version of it, but the thing is, i play x1 with my cousin and i would like to know if you gonna put a mode were its like "free", because we can't play the map, everyone dies and we cant enjoy it.. by the way thank you very much im very ecxited about the dota 2 version of it( if your going thru with that) ty =D.

  3. Bebi Tien's Machine gun punch doesn't work. Also, suggestion, but maybe Buu should get dodon ray from Tien instead of machine gun punch. I mean, it's powerful, but, it's agi based.

  4. I am really glad you are addressing the agility issue in this game, too many people doing 6x/3x/6x str/agi/int and thats just cheap tactics, there should be punishment or reward for increasing your agi so it is not a useless attribute otherwise people just boosting their str/intstats to get damage kind of cheating if you ask me

  5. Have you considered making agi decide movement speed instead? Like, everyone starts with a base of 100 -200 something MS, with every 50 agi increasing it by 1. So someone in the 10k's would have a bonus MS of 500-600 agi. This way people who focus mainly on str and int will be slow as all hell while people who try to keep their stats balance will have a upper hand in movement speed.

  6. I broke the update immediately. 17 and 18 can teleport out of future before killing gohan screwing up their multipliers

    1. I mean, sure you could do that. It needs to be fixed. But why would you want to teleport out of the future before you can gain a multiplier?

    2. Kill Future trunks, Gero, Cell, or join a team chain that's going on while one droid handles future. Can even just teleport both of them out and just rush Saiyan saga. It's not a HUGE issue multiplier wise, as once gohan is dead, when they reach level 35 it goes back to normal. But they do have the whole "Can't be killed" thing going.

    3. I suppose there's something to that. And they can easily just return to the future if they really want to. I guess we'll see how it all plays out.

  7. Might want to consider making it impossible for people tp telepprt away when an enemy hero is visible to them. Letting gokus,cells, and getis teleport be a bit more powerful.

    1. Oh, and maybe make it so z fighters can't teleport into geti's base and kick his ass.

  8. What is maximum #super 17 multiplier ?

  9. I've got a few ideas for Cooler, One, is to add an upgrade that he can research that improves the damage of his death beam similar to gohan's kameha mastery. Another idea is to give regular cooler a choice to either turn into his final form or turn into a maxed out MC. The MC would be able to continue his damage and armor upgrades and will have all of it's research only abilities researched(except the clones ability). Where as final form cooler will have a silence and a 2.5 multiplier. This way if there's a gero in the game he won't be so useless when almost all of the heros he can heal turns into a non android. As to why anyone would want to be MC with such a low Multiplier, he'd give a armor boost, can scan, can be healed by gero, will be able to steal mana, self repair, his upgrades will continue upgrading, and with the death beam mastery he'll have slightly more powerful nuke then regular final form cooler.