Thursday, February 2, 2012

2.2 Beta 001

This is being hosted on US East, West, And Europe by "Elitebot".  /whois Elitebot to find a game.

Feel free to host this and spread it around. This is a test build and it should primarily be played for the purpose of testing and providing feedback on this page. Any bugs, questions, concerns, or suggestions are welcome. Just click where it says "_ comments" and choose "anonymous" or use a name, or whatever you want to do.

As of right now, the focus is on stat related bugs. If you find your hero not gaining stats for a kill or if something seems off, report it here.

A few things of note:

*The map is nowhere near ready for a proper release
*King Kai now also sells tickets, for a price.
*Beans and Food now heal based on a percentage of health
*Sagas begin when the first player reaches level 10
*Stats are now reals instead of integers and will not be lost if training in a .500x or .2500x multiplier
*The map size has been expanded
*Babidi's summons are all heroes now
*All stat multipliers have been reduced
*Building on tiles should no longer be possible

And plenty of other small changes that I've forgotten over the years.


  1. current issue: only a set number of creeps will actually respawn.

  2. I'm honored to get the first bug!

    It appears that when bebi kills a creep in a body (at least ft), that the stats u gain the multiplier stats to ur base stats. AKA if u are bebi in ft, and get a saga reward worth 100 base stats, you will actually gain 175 base stats.

    This is at least what I think is going on, but the stat gain is way too much for sure so something is off.


  3. When you kill bio Broly's minions you don't get Quest exp. Is that supposed to happen?
    (Single Player Mode)
    (Character: Metal Cooler)
    (Mode: Saga Hunting)

  4. Bio broly's minions have had their quest exp removed.

  5. bio broly doesnt have a skin, garlic jr has no skin, super does. fat jan no skin; frieza and king cold no skin. hiru saga no skin. a lot of sagas got no skins. overall its good. im pretty sure quest xp is removed for less lag in the game. stats multiplier is good the way it is set. cant really rush the way u can normally in 2.1c. when it turns into namiek saga the creeps turn to their regular stats which is a lot after u just kill slug. basically u cant have enough stats to chain namiek creeps. such as dinosaurs, witchs. then jan creeps. got stronger. unless it was ment to be that way so one char doesnt become that imba but kinda fucks over the low lvls in the game who had a bad game. sagas stats multiply like crazy... to take them down u need a group. game was made to care more as a team than enemies basically.

  6. played in single player as bebi, the game crashed and and an error popped out. but only that map did it though. other maps dont crash my wc3.

  7. cant get seed of tree of might when turles dies in patch of grass by gm

  8. items bugs in the brushes, you cant pick them up

  9. if you are respawning as ultra perfect cell, you gonna have 0 stats, but if you manage to get a lvl up your stats will be normal again lol

  10. If you chain with bugcell and were able to get throught chaining over 20+, then you will get resetet back to 20 when u transformed to the first form cell

  11. -Dragonballs just give a levelup or just very low stats

    - You can write in mystic unstuck and ose oozaro before the powerup, after oozaru u have bugged str, and you cant use ss nor ss2 also no oozaru

  12. Buu has a bug when he absorbs you and you kill the 50 mini hims and he becomes buu you lose control of your own char and can't even click or anything even after death

    1. You don't actually lose control of your hero, it's just that your camera locks onto kid buu. Just type -unlock cam.

  13. if you go obs as mc evil wont lose

  14. -if you build with a transporter x10 clones it just takes ~40 seconds, not like in the description 100sec.

    - the x10 clones gain exp(but no stats), but after they lvl up they get resettet back to their normal lvl

    -the singlemade clones dont keep up with the upgrades, they will stay at the level/upgrade that they got built as

    - all clones get always at the same time the same stats as cooler, it always update to the same stats as cooler (no matter what powerlevel cooler is)

    - saibamen + bio experiments takes food of mc ( each costs 1 food)

    -if you use deafing wave on the projectil of supernova, supernova is going to disappear without exploding or doing damage

    - Coolers final Form is still x4

  15. If you load Krillin as Future Trunks you stats per level are increasing each level up, later on you have tons of stats

  16. - The Summons of Babidi steal exp

    - When u transformed to kid buu you have bugged stats ( they are pretty high), but when u lvl up the stats get fixed to the supposed stats

    - The absorbed z fighters cant move after the kid buu transform-scene (but you can fix it if you write "-unlock cam"

  17. -Androids can level above 20, even when not every android managed to get 20 yet.(not sure if its on purpose)

    -Androids can level higher than 35 (not sure if its on purpose)

    -Cell Juniors gets randomly for a very short time the same stats as Cell, but then almost instantly jump back to the normal junior stats

    -Sagas/Annin/Creeps still double theirself if you transform at their respawntrigger in ultra 13 from super 13

    -If you are back to the 2nd Form as CELL (due transform to ultra perfect cell) and you lvl up in that 2nd form, you will get the stats that you would have gotten as ultra perfect cell

  18. hell's creeps dont respawn until AFTER saga's. Its actually pretty annoying :P the 3 bosses still do though.

    1. after fusing into vegito he gains 2k stats per each level he gains


  19. when u absorb androids with 13, the stats are bugged. When u become super 13, stats r bugged til u kill a monster then it gets cut in half.