Thursday, February 16, 2012

2.2 Beta 005

Currently being hosted by SPN_Beta on US East

Feel free to host this and spread it around. This is a test build and it should primarily be played for the purpose of testing and providing feedback on this page. Any bugs, questions, concerns, or suggestions are welcome. Just click where it says "_ comments" and choose "anonymous" or use a name, or whatever you want to do.

Bugs from fusions (Gotenks, Super 13, Vegito, Gogeta) are the current focus. Watch their stats when fusing / leveling and try to find anything unusual.

Issues from 004 that have had a fix attempted (Not tested)

All issues mentioned in the comments for 004 have had a fix attempted.

Issues from 004 that have not had a fix attempted

See 001


Attempted fixes to issues mentioned in the comments page for 004. Need someone to verify that these issues have been fixed.

Heaven creeps have had their stat gains modified. This needs testing.

Attempted to fix an issue with fusion characters gaining more stats than they should have. This needs testing.

Made a change to the LoS grass stuff. It may work as intended now or it may be worse than ever. I really don't know.


  1. Fat janemba had higher stats than the skinny one.
    Some brush doodads are kind of floating

  2. Frieza, Nappa from super 17 saga really weak.
    Shadow dragons really weak.

  3. Gotenks:
    loses most of his hp after fusion.
    If u fuse goten and trunks ur sure to have 2.2k stats no matter what.
    After fusing if you transform then kill something stats increase a lot.

    1. Also, After fusing if u go ss3, kill something, revert, gotneks stats almost double. Ex: Went from 4.5k in ss3 to 9.3k.

    2. Were both of these bugs in 005? 'cause I haven't seen that happen yet. I've seen the health thing, though.

  4. When androids fuse they lose their inventory. I lost dballs and radar. Not sure bout ticket. Also my stats were jumping round still till I gained a lvl. Gotenks was also at 0 stats till he lvld after he fused.