Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2.2 Beta 0.03

Currently being hosted by SPN_Beta on US East

Feel free to host this and spread it around. This is a test build and it should primarily be played for the purpose of testing and providing feedback on this page. Any bugs, questions, concerns, or suggestions are welcome. Just click where it says "_ comments" and choose "anonymous" or use a name, or whatever you want to do.

As of right now, the focus is still on stat related bugs. If you find your hero not gaining stats for a kill or if something seems off, report it here. Bebi / Cooler / Krillin / fusion bugs are currently the highest priority for testing.

Issues from 002 that have had a fix attempted (Not tested)

All issues mentioned in the comments for 002 have had a fix attempted.

Issues from 001 that have not had a fix attempted

See 002


Attempted fixes to issues mentioned in the comments page for 002. Need someone to verify that these issues have been fixed.

Annin's respawn timer should now be based on the number of evil players in the game.

Fusions, Bebi, Cooler, and Krillin should be playable. Bugs may still exist and should be reported.

Cooler clone stats are now based on cooler's stats and the amount of clones. If there is one clone, it should be equal to Cooler in stats, 2 clones 1/2, 5 clones 1/5, etc.. This needs testing.

Bebi's Enter ally should now award stats equal to the stats gained by his ally, in addition to experienceThis needs testing.


  1. Known issues:

    Commented issues from 001
    Gohan's Oozaru will cause Gohan to lose all of his health.

  2. Fusion is still glitched. Gained 2k on the first lvl I gained. Also, fusion glitch is still there, but it can't be used for crazy stats, jus glitching hp and double heroing.

  3. if you ally an evil while you went obs as evil, he will gain vision over the whole map

  4. also you will still have worker + geti star if you went obs as cooler

  5. you can accept duels as obs and you will fight as Camera Controls

  6. A few suggestions.. Add a counter system. Make the blasts like a fast moving spawn unit and deflects another blast or collide. OR make a counter that makes you lose half your mana but deflect the blast back at someone.
    Super 13's ball isn't accurate. It should be able to follow you very well. My suggestion is that you make Super 13's ball like buu/broly and change buu/broly's ball into a 1 second cast aoe shot.
    Spawn points should be added. The two we have now are good BUT we should add one more that is safer for evil but not as good a starting place to get lvls and stats and a unsafe place for z's to spawn at, but offers a better place to start chaining etc.

    I suggest evil have a spawn point someplace up in babidi's ship. Z's should have a spawn at master roshi's or something.

    1. If u obs on geti it will make it impossible for evils to lose.
      Also after 11-13 kills it glitches and geti stops getting kills


  7. Afterlife tourny sometimes glitches and gives 2 trophys
    Ft can still glitch hbtc and stay in there as long as he wants by power rushing the hbtc goku at the last second
    if you kill a opponent or saga or even annin as 13 and he turns ultra 13 at same time it will spawn 2 sagas/2 annins/glitch ur opponent, as the opponent will lose control of his char.


  8. About the geti's kills glitching i figured it out, after geti gets 5k gold his kills stop updating and glitches


  9. Kid trunks when into the afterlife tourny and it bugged him in there as he did not recieve a trophy nor was he able to get out of the afterlife tourny without using a ticket, i'm not sure if this can bug any of the z's but as far as i'm concerned it bugged kid trunks.

  10. Bab's haru still destroys structures like Geti's base.