Friday, February 17, 2012

2.2 Beta 006

This will be hosted by SPN_Beta when the bot owner comes online. Until then, download the map and come to Clan SPN on US East to play.

Issues from 005 that have had a fix attempted (Not tested)

All issues mentioned in the comments for 004 have had a fix attempted.

Issues from 005 that have not had a fix attempted

See 001


Goku's Instant Transmission has been reworked. He can now use it regardless of nearby enemy heroes. He will also leave behind a fading image, and any played controlled hero touching this image when it disappears will be teleported with Goku. Need feedback.

Creep respawn system has been rewritten. There should no longer be any creep respawning bugs (hopefully) and the respawn time of creeps is now based on the number of players in the game (2 seconds off respawn for every player in the game, 60 second base respawn time). Need feedback and testing to verify that it works.

Attempted fixes to issues mentioned in the comments page for 005. Need someone to verify that these issues have been fixed.

The level required to transform to Ultra 13 has been changed to 50 levels above the level that Super 13 was created at. (If he was 100, the level is 150. If he was 63, the level is 113, etc.) This needs testing.

Attempted to fix an issue with fusion characters gaining more stats than they should have. This needs testing.

Gotenks should now have full health upon fusion and should no longer occasionally get wonky stats upon gaining a level. This needs testing.

Made a change to the LoS grass stuff. It should work as intended now, but it has not been tested.

Certain later sagas have had their difficulties increased. Feedback wanted.

Because of unfused androids' relatively higher power with the new multiplier system, Distortion Field's absorption has been decreased. Feedback, gogo.

Babidi's Mana based bonus damage will now only be triggered by Babidi. 


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