Sunday, February 26, 2012

2.2 Beta 011

The map will be hosted by Evil_Vegeta


Changes that probably need testing:

Super 13 / Gotenks will lose 2/3 / half of the stats gained from the levels of their heroes when they fuse, respectively.
Remade Victory / Defeat triggers.
Not selected heroes should no longer be in the game.
Buu's smoke in various cinematics should now have pink particles (lol.)
Disabled Babidi's mana based bonus damage, as it has become apparent that he does not need it.
Character selection increased to 1 minute.
Added expanded tooltips for hero selection
The tournament's start is now delayed by 1 minute to compensate for the later game start.
Changed Oozaru slightly.
Remade Bio Broly's item yet again.
Timers for Gogeta should now be displayed properly.
Goku / Vegeta should now have stats after defusing.
Bebi should now be able to exit a body properly.
Evil heroes that transform should now no longer lose Bebi's implant
Cell's First form should now be the level that Cell unformed was when he triggers the transformation.
Tournament fighters should now automatically die after 20-25 seconds of combat.
Cooler should now be able to enter the tourney.
Piccolo gains full mana after fusing with Kami / Nail
Krillin should now be able to be lockon'd to and sensed.
Gotenks should now be scoutable.
Changed the sizes of Gohan and FT.
Obs cams should now properly be invulnerable.
Buu's Regeneration is now 75 secs, up from 60.
King Kai's tickets now start with 2 stock and can go up to 6 stock.
Removed all base armor from Pikkon, Olibu, and HBTC patrols
Cell should now properly receive his Gohan kill bonus.
Added new boundaries
The radius of scatter shot's explosion damage has been increased slightly.
Special Beam Cannon's length has been increased by 1/7.


  1. When Babadi summons yakon, Yakon spawns with 2x stats of babadi. Once he receives a kill, he is cut to 2/3 of that 2x.

  2. Suggestion : Reduce the amount of stats that the weaker ( red, left ) mobs in hell give slightly. They are currently the same as the harder ( right ) mobs.

  3. When Bebi enters Babadi, Babadis' stats bounce up and down when he gets kills.

  4. Game end timer broken (10 sec reset)

  5. LV's Suggestion : Advertise DBZTE.BLOGSPOT.COM at the game ending.

  6. It would piss Para off if my name was in the credits and his wasn't. *hint hint wink wink*

    1. not at all actually :o

  7. Suggestion :
    Update the loading screen, and add a credit for Clan SPN.