Thursday, May 2, 2013

Beta 070

Serious time: 

For the tl;dr crowd: I need money to be able to continue development of the map and am accepting donations. Anyone that donates will gain access to a variety of ingame perks that do not directly affect gameplay.

For the people that like reading walls of text: I've dedicated a very significant portion of my free time over the last several years to the development of this map. Admittedly, it is still far from a perfect product. There are plenty of changes that not everyone agrees with. It's impossible to please everyone, no matter how hard you try. At this point in time, I'm finding it hard to continue development. I've devoted countless hours to creating new content, testing for bugs, fixing bugs, playing the game, getting a feel for the balance of the game, editing models, creating spell and particle effects, optimizing and rewriting old systems, creating new heroes, developing interesting and unique game mechanics, brainstorming ideas, etc.. I've done most of this work by myself (Shout outs to Sean_D for some things and the creators of most of the character / doodad models, though. You guys are great.). I've not asked anyone to do things for me and I've never asked for money. I am very passionate about this map and I do not want it to die out. Of all the games I've ever played, this is the one that I keep coming back to. There's just something about it that no other game I've tried has been able to replicate. I'm hoping that there are at least a few people out there that feel the same way. With that being said, I have a question:

If I introduced cosmetic things that have no effect on gameplay (New skins for heroes, custom auras, the ability to change the color of units you control, automatic camera settings, and other such things) for people that donate money to keep the game alive, would anyone be willing to donate? Here's the basic idea:

Donation tiers:
$1+: Access to preset camera settings based on your wc3 username, in addition to your name being credited in the map. (The game will automatically set your camera distance and angle to your favorite values and turn tips off.)

$3+: Everything from the previous tier, plus the ability to apply any visual aura to your heroes. (Give Tao a green aura, as an example).

$5+: Everything from the previous tiers, plus the ability to change the coloring of your hero's models to any value you desire (There may even be some fun ones, such as a hero that cycles through the colors of the rainbow) and access to a character skin of your choice. (Currently there are no skins, but it would work similar to how Cooler's -body 1, -body 2, etc. system works.) 

                                       This is just an example. FT, Alien FT, Negative-FT, Black FT.

$10+: Everything from the previous tiers, plus access to all skins in the game at the time of donation, and you can create your own skin and aura (For technical reasons, I cannot make a black aura. Custom auras can also include a light source for an impressive ingame appearance.). Skins are limited to recolors of the existing texture for now. And at this point in time I'm limiting the number of skins to 4 per model. This donation tier may be limited due to map size constraints, so it may not be available forever. But I will notify everyone when that is happening and replace this reward with something else.

$20+: You get everything from the previous tiers, plus access to all cosmetic features that will ever be added to the game. Every skin, aura, saved setting, model coloring, lighting effect, attachment (hats and weapons, anyone?) will be available to you. You will receive special thanks in the game.

So, who wants to keep the map alive and receive some cool stuff in return? Just hit up this donation button and let me know your username, donation amount, and what you'd like to receive.

$1 donors: What are your favorite -cam and -ang settings?

$5 donors: What hero skin would you like? If one doesn't exist, it can be created. Just give a description of what you'd want it to look like. Additionally, is there any animated color effect that you'd want? (A hero that flashes from red to purple to blue and back, just as an example).

$10 donors: If you'd like a custom aura, describe the color and appearance of it, and whether you want it to have a light effect or not. Additionally, let me know what skin you would like to see made.

$20 donors: Anything I can do to make you happy, just ask.



Reduced the level and stat gain of all tier 2 namek creeps

Cell can no longer use the typed sense

Buu's dende healing now correctly adds stats to Turles.

Super Garlic Jr's spawn has been moved slightly to the left.

The drop rate for odd keys and barrels has been reduced, and mysterious keys no longer drop.

Ghostly keys can now only drop as frequently as once per 3 minutes.

Cell has two levels of absorb - The first one, learned at level 20, allows him to absorb humans. The second, learned at 30, allows him to absorb androids.

Players that leave the game will now have give full shared control, up from normal control.

Added a line in Gohan's hs to clarify that you can re-mystic by typing mystic.

Made the future slightly more pathable

I heard you like Turles bonuses so I put a Turles kills Turles bonus in your Turles bonus so you can bonus while you Turles. Or something. *Turles gains 50 stats for beating the Tree of Might Saga*

Tao and Hercule gain +.01x from 1 less creep than before. (Hercule 4, down from 5. Tao 6, down from 7)


  1. Can I get the animations for Big Bang Kamehameha / Final Kamehameha triggers copy/pasted as Text form?

    It's kind of hard to get them from the map since they're in obfuscated form.

    Just for use in Non DBZ / NON ANIME related maps.

    1. It's actually pretty simple. It's the big bang / final flash and kamehameha effects pasted on top of each other, essentially.

  2. Really nice addition, I like it, looking forward to stream and play it. I will definitely try to donate asap.

  3. i want to ask if i won't donate 1$ i can't use -cam and -ang ?

    1. You can. What the donation does is it makes the game automatically set your camera and angle to a value you specify at the start of the game, no typing required.

  4. It automatically sets EoPe/WorldEdit/ikcilapmada to 3000 / 85 according to the strings in the map when game starts. That's basically what it does for you if you donate.

    By the way, your full share control trigger doesn't seem to work right. It does display ally icons and the unused skill points, but it doesn't give the player control of the leaver. It works fine in my own map though.

  5. now if all will left is big chance what gohan can't get full power