Sunday, May 5, 2013

Beta 071

Hello, friends. Beta 071. Included in this update are some new features laying the groundwork for the coming bonus donor content. And an amusing fact: Adding skins can actually reduce the map's size, so we need not worry about that.

In-depth donation information

Here are some of the new donor features in action.

LUSS Broly with an Incredible Hulk inspired skin doing stuff.

Piccolo with +aura 6 and +color 100, 000, 000.
The Special Thanks for all donors. Additionally, the camera was set automatically and tips turned off. ($1 donation perk)
Krillin rocking a Mario Bros. inspired skin and the fusion aura. 
Krillin with a donor-exclusive heart aura.
+color 000 100 000 Hercule with another donor-exclusive aura.
A black colored Vegeta with a dragon ball aura

 Donations are cumulative, so if you donate $1 now and donate $4 at a later date, you will gain access to all $1, $3, and $5 donation perks. Anyone that donates in support of the map will be able to access the following:


$1+ Donation perks

Preset camera: The game will automatically set your default -cam and -ang settings to whatever value you specify

In game thanks: All donors will be thanked in the game. You may opt out of this. Just let me know if you do not want your name appearing ingame.

$3+ Donation perks

Ability to use any aura (Glowy transformation effects) as any hero at any time. At this point in time there are 12 auras. Simply type +aura x, where x is the number of the aura you wish to have. Type +aura 0 to remove all auras.

$5+ Donation perks

Ability to change the color of your hero's model via a typed command (+color RRR GGG BBB, where R = red, B = blue, and G = green, and typing +color 100 000 080 will make you pink and +color 000 000 000 will make you black.). Type +glow 0 to remove all glow effects and restore your color to default.

Access to glow effects. These are preset animated versions of the +color command. Currently there is only one glow effect. Type +glow 1 to have your hero quickly cycle through the colors of the rainbow. Type +glow 0 to remove all glow effects.

Access to two skins of your choosing (Currently there is only one skin in the game. More to come soon.)

$10+ Donation perks

Extra special thanks ingame

Access to all skins in the game at the time of donation, plus two of your choosing at a later date

A requested skin will be made for you, assuming it wouldn't be too crazy to make. Please note that with a few exceptions, skins will just be retextures of current models, possibly with something added. I cannot make models from scratch, nor will I attempt to.

$20+ Donation perks

Access to all donor perks, skins, features, commands, etc. that will ever be added to the game.

Please note that I need your exact wc3 username to ensure that you can use these features as intended. Names are case sensitive, so someone with the name "iMabEar" will only be able to use these features as "iMabEar". "imabear" will not work. Additionally, due to the way Warcraft III works, you will receive the features in the next map update after you donate. After donating, please leave your exact username, donation amount, and what you would like ingame (Your favorite camera settings, skins you want, skins you want to see made, etc..

And as a special way of saying thanks, anyone that donates $1 or more will have access to that Krillin skin in the above screenshot, in addition to everything else that you have paid for.


  • Gave buu machine gun punch when he absorbs Tien
  • Gohan's anger cannot trigger off of Gohan dying, and it now requires the dying hero to be controlled by a player.
  • Androids gain full stats below level 20
  • Kids gain full stats below level 25
  • Kamehameha mastery level requirement set to 110
  • Broly regenerates a base 10 hp per second, up from 3.
  • Added "donor help" commands
  • Enabled donor perks for all current donors
  • Started a little cleaning up of really old systems. There should be consistent performance increases in the coming updates.
  • Garlic Jr's stats should work as intended.
  • HBTC Gohan should spawn slightly more to the right.
  • Hercule and Tao's multipliers should now work as intended
  • You should now be able to control leavers again
  • You should now be able to use saiyan pods with a full inventory.


  1. This might have just been a random crash, but I body released from a gohan as super bebi and the game crashed as soon as I hit enter.

  2. how to download