Monday, May 20, 2013

Beta 080

Donor perk information

  • Tickets should now be invulnerable when dropped.
  • Lockon should no longer incorrectly display an error.
  • Bulma should now be invulnerable as soon as Bebi leaves her body.
  • Super 17 should no longer be able to transform in the tournament.
  • Speed and radius of Android 13/14/15's energy beam increased (speed doubled, radius increased 50%). Damage amount remains the same
  • Super 13's nuclear bomb cooldown reduced to 30s (from 45)
  • Attempted some fixes for a little lag caused by future androids.
    • Reworked the way twin training functions
    • Made a couple of tweaks to laser shot
    • rewrote hell's storm
  • If androids die in the future after killing Gohan, they still gain their 1.250x.
  • Cleaned up future pathing considerably
  • Removed the alternative revival spot, because it was causing game breaking lag for reasons unknown. Using a key in that area will simply revive you now.
  • Moved Android 18's portrait camera
  • Two new commands
    • -followcam
      • Experimental. Locks your camera to your main unit and follows its rotation. It's not terribly useful but some may enjoy it. It could also be seen as an added challenge. 
      • The command becomes usable 1:05 into the game.
      • It is usable with any -cam and -ang setting.
      • If anyone actually wants this feature, I can add more options to it in the future. Having the camera not rotate with your hero or having premade settings, as an example.
    • -clear
      • Clears the screen of all game messages

Changes to expect in the coming updates:
  • Crash fixies
  • New UI Cooldown indicator
  • Bebi bodying remake
  • Filling donor requests for skins and auras
  • Adding skins that can be accessed by means other than donation (total games played, participation, things of that nature.)
  • Performance improvements


  1. Is it possible for Donors to remove auras on their own units? As in the yellow SS glows and ground effects?

    1. Any use of the +aura or -aura commands should remove auras from transformations and such.

  2. Will they also be able to change things like not having their models increased in Size when a certain animation is being used? Or any sunder animation underneath them?

    1. It is currently not possible to do it, but it can be done if there is a demand for it.

  3. Can you reduce the CD on Android 13's nuke? He's like really bad currently. Maybe like 18-20 seconds would be good?

  4. Was playing 17 in tourny when i got curious as to whether or not I could turn super while im in tourny. Turns out I can. Thank god Buu was there, otherwise i'd be stuck in tourny for awhile.

  5. Would it be possible to increase the damage output on android 13 14 15's spells, including the speed of the projectile, and a bigger radius?

  6. Don't know if it's still there, but in 2.1. you could take over bulma, and then enter her again before she became invulnerable, thus making it impossible for z-fighters to win

  7. I have a question concerning visual matters.

    Are you planning to introduce various models which would indicate sayian's tranformations?

    If not, why?

    1. Planning? Not really. If I had some low poly models with the proper swappable heads then I'd consider it, but it is not a priority.

  8. if super 17 unallys the evils and trys to use skills on them it does 0 dmg to them

  9. Why change the way Bebi's body feature works? I understand that it needs some fixing, but changing it to level 90 seems pointless---it worked fine for years. What made Bebi particularly unique was being able to grab a Z's body. Half of the games will end before Bebi reaches level 90 :(

    1. He will get his body skill at 30 but first it will be reworked till then it was removed due to being a source of crashings

  10. Stat gain on androids is kinda off. Could be toned down a little. As for Future trunks, he really falls off late game and could use some kind of late game thing. Maybe ss3 like from the card game thing.

    1. by androids I mean android 17/18

    2. Give Future Trunks the Morphling Ability from DotA ( where you can trade 100 Int for 100 AGI or 100 Int for 100 STR )

      Also give Future Trunks the ability to switch to AGI based hero ( his Multiplier also swaps AGI for STR ( 1.750 STR 3.000 AGI 1.750 Int from 3.000 STR 1.750 AGI 1.750 INT ), including his HPR spell being AGI based ( freely switch between the two modes if possible )

  11. Here is just a suggestion to the absobtion/enter bodying; I know bebi's enter body is gonna be reworked soon, but still, my idea is not that bad and i think deserve to be shown.

    Maybe its just me but i find it very hard to get the exact moment to absorb/get a body:
    -if my character is too strong, i cant absorb because i "one shot" the opponent;
    -if the i fear to kill the opponent, i dont use any skills and he can kill me even if i got more stats (and would have won using my skills).

    Its very frustrating, i dont know how to make it, but it would be great if characters like bebi or buu could have an "absorbtion mode" where you can automatically absorb when the opponent get below 30% and "save" him if he would have died in a few shots.

    (forgive my mistakes, my english is not perfect)

    Kafurai, your french fan :)

  12. Would it be possible to reduce the damage vs allies on Super 13's Nuke spell? He's not really good against any of the beam heroes while also at lesser stats, and in a fight, he'd be more of a liability than being useful in a team battle.

  13. Anyone have a download link for the map?