Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Beta 077 + Beta 078 preview

Donor perk information

I really like the way this one turned out, appearance wise.

Cute little detail: His hand is removed during the spell.

Currently working on: Finishing Super 17 for public release

077 - On the bot now

  • Changed the visual for Tien's Tri Beam. It should be more triangle shaped now.
  • Continued work on Future Androids
  • MC worker hotkeys R and F.
  • donor updates
  • Trying out something new. Anyone using a revive ticket will have 5 seconds of temporary invulnerability. In addition there is no longer a delay between tickets being used and the revive triggering.
  • Gero can now heal 17 and 18
  • Trophies nerfed by 1/3

078 - Upcoming

  • Finishing 17's abilities for public release
  • Damage of Laser Shot tripled
  • Added another level of Laser Shot
  • Increased damage of Photon Strike Barrage
  • During the invulnerability after using a ticket, you will be unable to attack or use abilities.
  • You can no longer trigger ticket invulnerability by using a ticket on earth.
  • New multipliers for 17 / 18: 
    • 1.500x: Level 35
    • 1.750x: Level 50
    • 3.000x: Level 150 (No fusion)
  • Future Hell 17 moved
  • Super 17's skills now destroy trees.
  • Updated donor list
  • Replaced icon files for 17 / 18 in hopes that it will fix a crashing issue
  • Implemented Flash Bomber
  • Fixed Energy Absorption
  • Lengthened the range of Hell's Storm
  • Widened Hell's Storm

Bonuses for killing Cell, FT, Gero
Technical stuff (gaining levels, losing if in hell, etc.)
Models / animations
Abilities: Twin Training, Photon Flash, Power Blitz, Charm, Windbreaker, Laser Shot, crit, sense, Accel Dance, Shocking Death Ball, energy absorb, Hell's Storm, Flash Bomber, 
Help skills
Multipliers (17 / 18 / Super 17)
Quests (Future Gohan)

Not Done:
Abilities: Delta Combination,  


  1. This #17 gun... It goes through trees, creeps, buildings and goes through over 9000 range :p. It should be disabled after reaching first target ;/

    1. It is. Unless the first target dies.

  2. Hell's storm looks perfect! I'm impressed--Josh

  3. Hell’s Storm looks good, but mechanics is bad in my opinion. last too short, and have strange maiming.. U cant positioning while casting like bebi.

  4. Isnt his dark energy ball a little too weak?
    For example A13 ball deals 2x7xintxsome explosions, equal to 14x int x number of explosions(4-5?)
    and 13, deals only once 20x int, definitly too weak !!!

    1. Responded to this post below. Also, a few abilities are undertuned for now so I can get a feel for where they need to be come release.

  5. Well, his dark energy ball is more of a spammable, reliable source of damage than a damage over time. I'm willing to bet that hell's storm has higher damage potential than SSDB, given the full 10 second duration. I think the AoE / range on hell's storm needs a bit of an increase, for sure.

  6. I watched a replay of a game I just played with someone who tested 17/18, so here's some observations:
    For the Hell Fighter Future 17 Spawn, you may want to put him in that little area below where 17 and 18 spawn. Where he is, at present, is a fairly obvious part of the future. It makes more sense for him to be all the way in the back, IMO.

    I think either Future Gohan is a little overpowered, or the droids are too weak at start. Maybe just make Future Gohan something like Nail? like a trigger they have to reach before they can leave future. Giving them the beans as a reward for killing him is clever, but if they just respawn right there it's kind of pointless.

    Super 17 looks good, but you may wanna increase the size of his model---it looks jarring that it's so much smaller than the saga 17. Or maybe my eyes were getting wonky.

    In general, the droids seemed fairly weak early and mid game. I think it would make more sense for them to have a stat advantage over most early on, but that's just my opinion.

    I think it would be a good idea to give 18 destructo disk at level 100, or 110. This would give an incentive to the player to reconsider whether it's worth moving on to Super 17, or just sticking with both droids all game. Maybe give 18's disk a slightly longer cd than Krillin's, for balance reasons.

    Also, what decision did you come to re: their stats? It seemed to me like they share them, like androids 13, 14,15. Is that what you're going for?

    Finally, 18's model is nice (though her face in the profile box is ugly!), but one of her attack animations is just a little wonky. When she uses her leg to attack, it sort of looks like she's doing a kasotchka (famous Russian dance). Maybe you can arrange it so that she doesn't cross her arms for that animation?

    All in all, well done. ---Josh

    1. Future hell 17 can be moved, absolutely.

      Future gohan is mostly meant as a fun little distraction early game. Although admittedly he seems to be too strong to kill him without dying, unless you do it just right and kill him before super saiyan triggers. The beans are there just in case you kill him and you're low on health, although perhaps just healing the androids on kill is a better solution.

      Super 17 is a bit too small, yes.

      For me, the androids actually seem really strong until people reach the levels with transformations and really hard hitting abilities. Perhaps some filler multipliers are called for in the level 30-70 range. Additionally I think the damage on photon barrage (I forget the name) and laser shot need a bit of an increase. As for giving 18 destructo, it's possible. I do want them to be viable without fusion and offer fusion as an alternative depending on the needs of your team, and I think buffing their abilities goes a long way in compensating for their split stats.

      For their stats, it's a lot like the others. Apart they gain 75% stats and 100% experience. Together is the opposite. When playing two heroes, their stats are split 50/50 from your overall stat pool, which is a combination of stats gained from levels, cross, and everything else.When they fuse it eats 25% of their creep kill stats ( works out to a small overall stat loss) and gives super all of the stats.

      The kick is a placeholder animation and will be made less silly when it can be.

    2. Oh, I don't think the beans are a bad idea. I just think fighting Future Gohan is pointless if they just respawn right away and right there after dying.

  7. I think that 17/18 look well done so far skill wise. They do seem a little underpowered compared to future gohan however. One other issue I am seeing is that when I play them, if I alt tab out and then back in Warcraft just closes out without any errors.

    1. Needless to say after 4 different games of playtesting and trying simmilar things, either 17/18 cause you to crash if you alt tab back in or they cause the game to not respond.

    2. had this happen as well =\

    3. i'm also getting one often where my game jsut freezes while i'm playing 17/18. Just had one in DBZ Tribute #79
      Was only ~30 secs into playtime.

    4. Out of curiosity, are you guys playing in full screen or windowed mode? And I assume you're both on windows 7

    5. Follow up question, does the problem still occur if you're using -opengl and -window?

    6. I'm on windows 8 and I am in full screen. As for the options I do not know but I can test it out in windowed to see if that helps.

      When I have it either the game crashes, is unable to alt tab back in or it just straight up freezes without me alt tabbing at all.

    7. -opengl seemed to have done the trick for me. I got through a game with them and hasd no issues.

  8. hey Adam was playing a game earlier with Mikupa and myself (Snoboy), and garlic glitched and it was impossible to finish the quest. Not sure if thats known or not. This is the game, i can upload the replay if you can't dl it from here-

    1. I've seen it happen a couple of times. Very strange bug. Will look into it.

  9. so nothing new about cooler...

    with invulnerability after rez maybe you should "silence" the resurected hero for 5 sec too, coz in 5 sec u can kill someone, especially if ur invulnerable (and lucky to find someone)

    1. Really good idea with the silence. I second this idea.

    2. Seems like a legit idea.

  10. Okay a major gamebreaking bug that can be fixed only with final tourny.

    If bebi enters Majin buu before transformation and buu transforms, bebi can't leave his body WHEN BUU DIES(This bebi wasn't in game so he was a leaver and was permastuck inside buu).

    This means, when buu dies (Which happened many times), game doesn't end because bebi technically still is on earth (The only strange thing was bebi not leaving buu body when buu was too low or dead).
    -Optional Read-
    Luckily final tourny fixed the issue by me tricking with vegito into the lever platform asap and buu can't destroy trees with any other spells other than his mankind without target(maybe make his vanishing ball a point target instead of a unit target ?). luckily he was dumb nuff not to use it so he drowned in lava .

    1. Bebi's take over spell will be looked into and will be reworked possibly very soon.

    2. What he said. After 17 is in a playable state, I'm gonna take a look at taking bodies and see what can be done to squash all the problems associated with it.

    3. Also, making everything ground target has been needed for a long time. I've just been more distracted by other things to finish that. Can anyone list all the current unit target abilities that should be ground?

  11. So...Was playing as tien and dualing super 13 when i noticed something. Dodon ray does more damage then tri beam. Hit him with dodon took more then 50% of his hp away. Tri beam? bit more then 25%. Shouldn't the nuke that takes away my hp hurt more then the dodon ray?

  12. tri beam is stronger later just not early game

  13. Hey i saw that cooler gets upgrade every 15 kills after collecting 5000gold and this dont work. Please look on it or maybe i did sth. Wrong. Then tell me please