Sunday, May 12, 2013

Beta 076 + Beta 077 preview

Donor perk information

I really like the way this one turned out, appearance wise.

Cute little detail: His hand is removed during the spell.

Currently working on: Optimization of the Super 17 model and preparing its animations. Also creating the spell effect for Hell's Storm.

076 - On the bot now

  • Performance improvements 
  • Android 17 and 18 are available for testing for anyone that has donated. 
    • Please note that they are incomplete and have missing abilities and transformations. The purpose of this is to receive feedback on what is currently done so they can be in a better state when they are released publicly. 
      • Android 18's abilities should be more or less functional, if incomplete. 
      • 17's E and R abilities currently do nothing.
      • There is no Super 17 fusion yet.
      • There are a lot of placeholder values for abilities


  • Changed the visual for Tien's Tri Beam. It should be more triangle shaped now.
  • Continued work on Future Androids
  • MC worker hotkeys R and F.
  • donor updates
  • Trying out something new. Anyone using a revive ticket will have 5 seconds of temporary invulnerability. In addition there is no longer a delay between tickets being used and the revive triggering.
  • Gero can now heal 17 and 18

Bonuses for killing Cell, FT, Gero
Technical stuff (gaining levels, losing if in hell, etc.)
Models / animations
Abilities: Twin Training, Photon Flash, Power Blitz, Charm, Windbreaker, Laser Shot, crit, sense, Accel Dance, Shocking Death Ball, energy absorb, Hell's Storm
Help skills
Multipliers (17 / 18 / Super 17)
Quests (Future Gohan)

Abilities: Delta Combination,  Flash Bomber, 


  1. Got a crash report trying to play on my mac. Last version worked fine.

    1. Report too long to post, testing again. Crash happen when game started. Did not get to see the character select. Any other Mac users having problems?

    2. That's an interesting one. Does it happen every game? Anyone else experiencing this?

    3. Also, if you need a hand with testing im back infront of my old comp more often now.

    4. You have 3 minutes till I have a result on that.

    5. Got it again. The game starts loading but thats it. It happens with other custom games like Fight of Characters. I think it comes from a 3rd party editor problem. I have yet to find a client side work around.

    6. Switching to my windows to test on that to see if its my ip of something.

    7. Seems to just be the mac.

    8. I have heard about an issue with blp files saved in certain ways crashing macs. I'll look into it when I get the time.

  2. Tien could use a buff to his farming ability solo. He can't seem to chain.

    1. Dodon ray can kinda chain, but its very hard to land as a chaining attack. I seem to be getting outleveled by players who happen to stand close together by accident. (They couldnt figure out SS, but still had higher levels then me)

      The big problem is being accurate with Dodon way requires you to be VERY close to the chain to get it tight enough to hit it all. This makes Tien take a lot of damage early game. Same with his W.

      Is there an established method to leveling him in pubs? I don't want any "Chain with team DUH!" replies, we all know Z fighters cant organize themselves to save their lives.

    2. It's tricky. Unless there are nearby kids you'll have more success with punch and solar flare at the start.

    3. I usually just focus on leveling up both my W and Q first and targetting the nearby level 12. I then just clear the creeps south of his position and work my way to the level 20. Not sure if that's the best way, but it works for me.

    4. @Anon Thanks for the tips. Do you think opening W and rushing the 12 would be feasible?

      Also, has anyone tried 2 man farming heaven using his W early game?

    5. Tried it a few time, can get level 40-50 before the end of first tourny. Course each time I was level 20-25 when I got there. But first tourny is usually maybe..a 1 min away when I do this. It's annoying to set up though, haven't tried doing it at level 1.

    6. Err..At the end of the tourny timer, not the actual tourny it self.

  3. hey Ultra 13, you're back just in time to see our idea get implemented!---Josh

    1. I noticed, I keep my ear on the facebook page and noticed there was some new characters coming out again. Have you got a chance to test it out yet?

    2. Not just yet.

  4. Ultra13's suggestions:

    We should have an item that slows the target 10% on hit for 1 second when you punch them. (Reduced for ranged? Non stacking) This may improve chasing mechanics for some characters.

    Tein still needs his stat adjustments. Give him his first buff when Sayain ends (His hard to spell buddy dies)

    Using a revive ticket makes you move 100% faster for 10 seconds (Less spawn camping)

    Put the pods back on separate halves, but the spell should take 3 seconds to cast and be interrupted by damage to the player.

    1. I find that the problem with slow mechanics is that they can be used to escape a chase just as easily as they can be used to chase. I'm really not aware of a good way to handle it yet. Currently if there are runners the final battle wish is the best way to ensure that they get what's coming to them. I know this isn't ideal, but it's a tricky problem.

      Tien is also in a bit of a tricky spot. He has a fairly difficult starting area, but he also is fairly good at putting out a good amount of damage. Perhaps not on par with krillin, but he's at least close. There are some that even think he needs to be tuned down a little. I don't really see him played often enough to judge one way or the other, but I did initially plan to have his buddy as a character eventually, with bonuses included for both of them.

      The ticket thing is a neat idea, although I'm not terribly fond of breaking the move doe speed cap. Perhaps a few seconds of spawn invulnerability are needed?

      I like the way the pods are now, but I'm certainly open to toying with then at a later time. I'll get back to you on that one.

    2. Fair enough on the slow mechanics, but I do feel the game needs more items. Maybe even active ones. Is it possible to have a castable item that restores ramps/trees?

      Well I believe he is balanced, he seems kinda boring. He needs some filling out to make playing him fun.

    3. Spawn invenerability will be abused hard with the current spawn locations. Evil and Z's both spawn near two very key sagas. It would be to easy to revive as they spawn and get the jump on a rusher. Maybe give some extra respawn points like what is done in the other modes like sagahunt?

      Also, a warning should be given in the tips during Garlic saga. So that new players are warned about the dangers of reviving during it. (It sucks when they waste tickets like that)

    4. @growing trees back: should be doable.

      @tien being boring: definitely agreed.

      @spawn invulnerability: it's just something to try out. It'd only last a few seconds.

      @extra spawn points: it's been tried before, but it ended up being a bit confusing. Ghostly keys can spawn you in up to 5 places. Maybe I'll make the gold costing tickets revive you in multiple places as well.

      @garlic: he is spawning off to the side now and while it doesn't prevent every silly death it seems to have helped

    5. Well done on the animations for Android 13 btw.

      growing back trees:
      I look forward to seeing repairable terrain as an option for those of us who play at higher levels where ramps get destroyed whenever you look at the other team near then.

      For Tien I have an idea now:
      Set his current multiplier to 1/2 of whatever it should be in this version. If his health drops under 50%, put it to full. If it drops under 25%, give him one last little boost. No clue how well it would work, but it would match the kit he has, and he always has been notoriously steadfast.

      Spawn inburlnerability:
      Well we can give it a shot and see what happens. I for one am predicting it will cause a new wave of glitches, but I'm sure they can be patched as they appear. (Maybe turn lockon/ fusion off for a few seconds preemptively)

      Extra Spawns:
      Excellent! I think the gold tickets needed a buff anyways to make them more attractive. This should be enough not to be game changing, but let players have some more choices on where to revive.

      True, but it still happens. People will always be idiots every now and then. Tips would send it to mainly new players who tend to make the mistake. Everyone more skilled at the game turns that stuff off anyways.

  5. Add build hotkeys R and F for normal and super workers. There's no hotkey for them currently.

    Increase the armor on main base with each upgrade, it's too easy to kill the main now with two paths and can't build on the pathway anymore.

    Remove the food requirement on Cooler's clones? They get weaker with each clone. So there's no benefit to having more.

    1. The hotkeys are a good catch, we should add them.

      The problem with adding armor bonuses to the main base is that when it did do that before, the main base could collect so much armor that only Krillin could hurt it.

      Removing the food limit from coolers clones will let him spam clones. This may not be useful for their stats, but it can lead to some horrible glitches and cause huge framerate problems.

    2. That's because fortified armor was actually fortified armor in the old one. He has all Armor types take 1.00x Damage from all Damage types in 2.2

      Reduces damage to 40% before the damage reduction from the armor. 40% damage taken x 15% damage taken ( 275 armor = 85% damage reduction = 15% damage taken ) = 0.40 x 0.15 = 0.06 = 6% damage taken Which is the same as having 790 armor or ~12640 agi on a hero

      Since he changed the Damage types now, he could give them some more armor ( It's currently 75% Damage reduction =25% Damage taken ) and you can kill his base in like 1-2 shots at 10-12k int... currently...with that extra pathway and can't be blocked to delay them either.
      0.25x10000int x 43x in 2-3 spells = 107500 of the tower HP

    3. Fair enough. Maybe it should be looked into.

  6. Just had a game where nobody had the dragonballs when they were needed for the final battle (Because no radar) .

    Suggestion: Make regular tourny that spawns around that time be as an alternative option to dragon balls' wish ? That way people who camp places to skip loss can't stall for too long.

    1. Well, the current alternative to the wish is the kill omega -> collect item route. That and the wish both provide a significant challenge to trigger and are optional if no players wish to end the game. I fear a tournament may be too easy.

    2. tells gohan to afk in mystic good trained while they afk they finally attack the afk'd evil
      Cell and Buu at 2.500 went afk for 15 minutes without at least 640 armor. but they would have won if they didn't afk and kept playing the game. Buu had the bio item.

    3. I think having two options for forcing the game to end already is good enough.

      As for post #3, go to the bot forums and report the guy.

  7. How do I unally 17/18. Is there any specific command at this point?

    1. As far as I know, unally 17 is it. It may not be working right now, though.

  8. If android 17 and 18 are finish put also new character for Z fighters ... prefer UUB + MAJIN BUU = MAJUUB...


  10. Hey. Had crashes the last 5 games. But i couldn't make out exactly what the reason were.

    1st Crash: I took over gohans body with bebi. When i used ss2 --> crash
    2nd Crash: I was using Buus candy beam (area) (with Fat Buu) --> crash.
    At least i think this were the reasons for the crash...maybe some other players performed smth. at the same time and my actions werent actually the reasons.
    Other Crashes -> Dont know the reason


  11. Can you make Cooler's worker have 522 MS? Faster workers would greatly increase his potential/skill ceiling.

    1. He seems to work fine currently. Why does he need buffed?

    2. Only makes the workers faster or perhaps gradually increase the ms on them over 10-15 upgrades
      Haven't seen any cooler play even 50% of this.

      It'd be nice to see what players can do with it first for a time.

    3. For the APM padders among us, if you issue an order to a worker that is harvesting every few seconds they will gain a move speed boost. Perhaps the answer lies in giving him more units to manage and more abilities on said units.

  12. Can you make it so peeps can pick up more then one ticket at a time? Noob z's tend to stockpile on tickets causing games to end pretty quickly.

    1. The limit of tickets in your inventory is currently 1.

      Letting you hold more can allow players to stockpile tickets, this means angry or nooby players can troll and hold up to 6 tickets. And no one wants the level 7 afk gohan to have all the tickets.

    2. *"Can't pick more then one", my bad.

    3. Is that implemented? Why not add a command for Team 1 to force drop excess tickets or have tickets sent to the lower part of heaven if the player has more than one ticket on them. Also useful if a player does not want to drop the items themselves (manually via unit issue orders) but want to use the command to force drop from their own units.

      It'd be good to do this rather than use a leaver to pick up tickets and move them south.

      ( Dropped on the ground and not added to the shop ).

      Shop can only store 6 tickets at any point in time. You only buy a ticket to start the cooldown to start producing more tickets.

    4. I know nobody wants to hear it, but most of the quick losses that happen ass a result of ticket wasting could be avoided if one or two of the dying players stayed dead and farmed up some gold tickets for their team. Admittedly it's not the most exciting strategy but it's something to consider.

    5. @Post #4
      Well the idea isn't bad, I just don't think it's worth the time to implement. Il break down the pros and cons.

      Pros of your idea:
      Easier to retrieve tickets dropped at king kai's/ held by leavers.

      In high communication team games it could be used to move tickets around heaven to players faster.

      Would need to set triggers for dropping those tickets upon revive to prevent them from leaving heaven.

      New players who do not know this command will have a bad day when you take all the tickets. (Well this is great for you, being fair to new players increases the likelihood of them returning to the game. This lets us maintain the DBZTE community and is necessary to stop the game from dieing.)

      Points of interest:
      A player could pick up two gold tickets as a dead player and enter the command, having the ticket sent to him.

    6. Was thinking more like having 3-4 separate commands ( One for the player themselves, one to grab spare tickets if they have greater than 1, and one to take gold from all leavers if they have any spare gold )

      Commands A and B are basically the same other than that they move the tickets to where ever is needed, but only if they had them in their inventory prior

      Command C is a simple boolean comparison - it doesn't remove all of them

      Command D would give a good reason to use a low stat leaver hero


      Command A ( Sends all the tickets from your own hero(s) to South of Heaven, but not on the shop ) - Dropped on the ground

      Command B ( Sends all the tickets from your own hero(s) to the North of Heaven, but not on the shop ) - Dropped on the ground

      Command C ( If ticketCount is greater than 1, Sends all except one ticket from any hero to the South of Heaven, but not on the shop ) This doesn't remove all the tickets from the players, they'll still have that one ticket, just not 3-5 tickets.

      Command D ( Takes gold from leavers whenever used, can use leaver heroes to farm gold and then take them since they aren't in the game )

      If a person leaves the game, distribute all the gold that they have to the remaining players. Whatever gold they have could be used by other players to buy tickets.

      Using a ticket on earth gives them a 5 second invulnerability? That could be used abused as if you're an invulnerability potion timed just to avoid taking damage from several beams.

  13. Hey, there i´ve got a question about dbz tribute elite. Its about Cooler, its written if you get 5000 gold then you get an upgrade every 15 kills. It seems that this dont work, so i suggest that you could take an look on it. TY